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    • Bodog Online Casino in Brazil

      Earn your bonus worth up to R$ 5,000 that you can use to play at the Bodog Online Casino. Just make your first 3 deposits to secure your bonus. Don't wait any longer, play now! Welcome to the Bodog Casino. Bodog started in the online gaming and entertainment market in 1994, and has been continually gaining ground in the market ever since. In addition to sponsoring major sporting events, Bodog also offers players exclusive promotions, bonuses and game releases every month.

      If you are looking for adrenaline, fun and big thrills, Bodog Casino is the place for you. It has Jackpot games, Slot Machines, Blackjack, Video Bingo, Baccarat, Table Games and Video Poker. There are over 400 games for you to enjoy and win. Want more? Then check out all the advantages of playing at Bodog Casino:

      - Não precisa de download ou aplicativo. É só clicar e sair jogando

      - 100% secure platform

      - 24/7 customer service in Portuguese. Need some help? Just contact our team on the Live Chat

      - Various forms of payment. Choose the right form of payment for you, and start enjoying all the advantages of playing at Bodog

      - Play for free. Before playing for real money, you can test all your skills and try out our casino games so you know which are your favorites.

      Remember that there are amazing bonuses for those who start taking advantage of the promotions of this online casino. You’ll find fun and prizes that rival even those in Las Vegas.

    • A Trustworthy Casino

      At Bodog, you will find over 400 games where you can play and win the best online casino prizes. There’s something for all tastes and styles. If you prefer adventure or high-adrenaline games, we offer more than 100 options. But if you prefer classic games, our casino can also suit your style. Choose your favorite game and start playing today.

      100% Secure Games

      The Bodog platform’s games are 100% secure and offer various payment options. Choose your preferred form of payment and start winning at Bodog.

      There’s Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, credit card, Boleto, bank transfer, ecoPayz, Astro Pay. Each method has different deposit and withdrawal terms and conditions. Read this information carefully, and then start enjoying the best Bodog online casino experience now.

      Our platform is constantly audited, so you can always have fun safely and play worry-free. We hold a Curacao eGaming license, authorized and regulated by the Government of Curacao.

    • Online Casino Games

      Bodog Casino offers a full range of games with many different types. There’s something for all styles, gamblers and pockets. It has action, terror and suspense games, roulette, the great classics, and much more. There are games for all skill levels too! That means even if you are new here or have never played in a casino in your life. No need to worry! There are games for different skill levels, and you can even play just to test your skills. That's right - you can play for free before betting real money. Want to learn more about one of the most popular online casinos? Familiarize yourself with each area of the site and start winning today.


      If you’re looking for something with dynamic action, the Roulette area is perfect for you. Although it is a relatively easy game with simple rules, it’s important to understand how Roulette games work in order to increase your chances of winning real money at Bodog casino.

      At Bodog, you’ll find the most popular Roulette games from casinos around the world, such as American Roulette, European Roulette and more. Players choose the number they think will come up when the Roulette starts spinning, and if they’re right, they win a prize.

      Slot Machines and Slots

      The Slot Machine area is Bodog Casino’s most popular section! With Bodog slots, you can enjoy over 300 game options and have the chance to take home amazing prizes. Play right now for real money, or play for free to learn more about our slots. If you are more adventurous, you can play different action and adventure games. But if you’d like an old-school favorite, be sure to check out our classics, which never went out of style. And there’s much more: action, terror, comedy, fantasy, drama and more. And there are also exclusive Bodog slots that you can only find here!

      Understanding How Slots Work

      Are you interested in learning all about slots, but still don't understand some of the terms used or how our slot machines work? We’ve prepared a list of the main symbols that appear in slots games and what each one means.

      Wilds: The wild symbol works like a wild card, that is, it takes the form of almost any game icon in order to complete winning lines. For example, if you have a row with two of the same symbols and a wild, you win and get the payout prize for having three of the same symbols.

      Free Spin: Most of the slots offer some form of free spins, and these are triggered when there are three scatter symbols on any of the reels. The free spins that come with multipliers are the best on the market.

      Multipliers: A multiplier increases the payouts. A 2x multiplier doubles your payout, while a 3x multiplier triples it.

      Bonus Game:  Some slots offer bonus games when you land three or more scatters anywhere on the reels. Some of the top Slot Machine games are: A Night With Cleo, Fruit Slot, 777 Deluxe, Gold Rush Gus, Game of Thrones and Five Times Wins.


      Blackjack, also known as Twenty-One (21), is one of the most popular casino games in the world. Despite having been around for many years, it is still one of the most sought after in online casinos.

      One of the main reasons for its popularity is that Blackjack is a fairly simple game. It does not have many rules and the games don’t take long to play. And it’s a great adrenaline rush because you can win a hand in just a few minutes. Some of the most famous Blackjack games are: Single Deck Blackjack, Double Deck Blackjack, European Blackjack and Classic Blackjack.


      At Bodog, you’ll find a wide variety of Video Bingo games – the best combination of classic bingo games with the modernity of today’s casinos. And to help you choose the game that best fits your style, read about the game’s mechanics, its level of difficulty and the value of the prize offered. And since bingo is one of Brazil’s most beloved games, our entire Video Bingo section was developed with this audience in mind. With 16 amazing games, Bodog Bingo is packed with prizes and lots of fun. There’s online bingo, Keno scratch cards and more. Some of our top Video Bingo games are: Ribeirinho Bingo, Goal Bingo and Amazon Bingo.


      We have a great selection of games with amazing jackpots! There are more than 50 game options where you have the chance to win the super prize and leave laughing all the way to the bank. The best way to play is to choose a game that suits you, and then find the perfect strategy for each game.

      The jackpot games with big prizes in our casino are: 777 Deluxe, A Night with Cleo and Mega Moolah.

      Video Poker

      If you like casinos and poker, then online Video Poker is perfect for you. You can play any time from wherever you are, and enjoy the best of online Video Poker. You choose whether you want to enjoy the best of the online casino by playing on your computer, mobile or tablet. And before playing for real money, you can also play for free in order to test your skills and find the game that best fits your style.

      Table Games

      In the Table Games area of our casino, you will find various versions of online Blackjack, European and American Roulette, card games, poker games and dice games, all available in modes for you to play and practice, as well as to play for real money. Test your skills and start winning today at the online casino.

    • Play for Free at the Casino

      Bodog Online Casino is one of the most popular among Brazilians. Besides offering bonuses and promotions every week, new players also earn three welcome bonuses when they make their first three deposits. Just make a deposit, and we’ll give you up to R$5,000 as a bonus.

      In addition, before playing for real money, you can test your skills and play for free at the Bodog casino. That’s right. It’s free to test your skills before playing for real money.

      It's simple to play for free on Bodog. Just follow these 3 steps:

      1. Go to the Casino section

      2. Choose your favorite Bodog casino game

      3. Then just close the login window that appears

      Bodog – The Casino for Brazilians

      Since 1946, casino games in Brazil have been considered gambling. That is because the president at the time, General Eurico Gaspar, did a favor for his wife, Carmela Dutra, a very strict Catholic, who believed that casinos were bad for people.

      Casinos in Brazil arrived during the imperial era, but by 1917, gambling was considered prohibited and completely banned in the country. In 1934, however, then-president Getúlio Vargas made the games legal again. Then in 1946, all gambling was once again prohibited throughout the national territory. With that decision, about 40,000 workers were unfortunately left unemployed, and the country’s tourism also decreased. As a result, the country’s economy declined across all sectors.

      In 1994, the Zico Law aimed to legalize bingo games for the purpose of raising funds for sports organizations and institutions. In 1998, the Pelé law repealed the Zico Law, and opened up bingo games across the country.

      After some problems regarding bingo and casino game taxation, the Maguito Act was created in 2000, which completely banned gaming throughout the country.

      And nowadays, the opening and regulation of casinos in Brazil is a much-debated topic across the country. The main objective is to further develop national tourism, generating a positive economic impact for Brazil. As occurred in the past, this would create more jobs and allow the country to raise millions in taxes every year.

      VIP Services

      The VIP Club is a program designed to suit you. From the moment you start playing, you will be accumulating points that can convert into bonuses whenever you want. At Bodog, you’re the boss!

      As your score increases, you can become a Gold, Black or Prime member, and unlock ever bigger rewards. You can even get an invitation to join our exclusive Private Club.

      As part of the most exclusive online club, you’ll get the top offers and promotions before everyone else, plus have the chance to play with special bonuses – thus greatly increasing your chances of winning and taking home exclusive prizes and gifts. That is not to mention VIP entry into the biggest events in the country.

      Weekly Promotions and Bonuses

      Only at Bodog can you participate in our promotions every single week. There’s the Free Chip offer, progressive bonuses, deposits with extra winnings, and more. There are also exclusive new online games that arrive in our casinos every month.

      Stay tuned to our weekly promotions and be sure to take advantage of our offers. You have a lot of chances to win at Bodog Casino.

      Bonus of up to R$ 5,000

      Sign up at Bodog in 3 simple steps and earn a bonus mega-package with your first three deposits! Here’s how simple it is:

      - Sign up. It’s quick and takes only a few minutes

      - Once you’ve registered, go to the “My Rewards” area and choose your preferred bonus!

      - Now just make the first deposit to win a 100% bonus, up to R$ 2,000, then on the second deposit you’ll earn R$1,500, and then you’ll earn another R$1,500 for the third deposit

      What are you waiting for? Start enjoying all the advantages of playing at Bodog today!

    • The Most Entertaining Game

      The most popular casino game awaits you, with great prizes to be won! The A Night with Cleo slot is the best combination of seduction, luxury and fun. With each win, the powerful Cleopatra takes off a piece of clothing, making her game even more exciting. The more points you win and accumulate, the more pieces of clothing she takes off!

      Game Features

      - Free spins

      - Get 3 or more Scatter symbols and activate the 15 free spins function. During this function, you gain a 3x multiplier on each round.

      - Double your winnings

      - Every time the double win function is active, Cleopatra will take off a piece of clothing. This function can be activated a maximum of 5 times.

      - Progressive Award

      - This slot game includes a progressive game mode.

    • Customer Service

      Bodog is known for its customer service. Our fast, high-quality service is attentive to the needs of our players.

      We do everything we can to make your life easier, so that you can enjoy your games without having to worry.

      24/7 Support

      Bodog has a specialized service team available 24 hours a day, including weekends and holidays.

      To talk to one of our attendants, just click on the Live Chat option to ask questions or make a complaint/suggestion.

      Any questions? Talk to us! The service is 100% in Portuguese and we are always ready to help you.

      Free Spins

      Do you like all of the advantages that Bodog can offer you? So take advantage of this opportunity and access your account right now so that you can have fun at the country's most beloved online casino.

      And if you haven’t yet created your account, now you know how to, right? Sign up today. No hassle, easy and free!

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