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    Vertical Hot Drops Jackpots - Jackpot

    What are Hot Drop Jackpots?

    They are progressive slots like you’ve never seen before! Every hour, a lucky person wins an incredible prize. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And if you’re one of them and hit the Super Jackpot, get ready to win a fortune in cash!

    savannah treasures
    Realm of the Gods
    Lawless Ladies

    Enjoying Jackpots at Bodog is better because:


    You have the chance to win accumulated prizes


    There are tens of Jackpots options

    cassino online

    This will be your best experience in an online casino on the internet

    Other jackpots

    The thrill of playing jackpots

    Imagine venturing into a mysterious city and still having the chance to find lost treasures. Or traveling back in time to meet one of the most mysterious characters of Ancient Egypt. Yes, that’s right, Cleopatra herself. Whether on a pirate ship or in the Amazon rainforest, jackpots can take you wherever your imagination desires.

    a night with cleo

    And at Bodog, you’ll find extra benefits that make all the difference, such as multipliers and wilds. It’s with these features that players win big prizes. And if you’re feeling lucky, you can take advantage of free spins to place bets and enjoy even more.

    Believe me, you’ll be surprised by what these games offer. They go beyond the obvious, with detailed graphics, sound effects that will transport you into the game, and exciting progressive slots. And with accumulated prizes that make your heart beat faster, there’s no reason to miss out on the fun. Come spin the reels with us and who knows, you might leave with a big prize in your pocket.

    Why play at Bodog?

    For those who love online jackpots, it’s almost impossible not to enjoy Bodog. It’s easy to sign up, deposit, and withdraw. Not to mention the 1000+ games available and all the latest features of this online casino. In particular, you can select Live Roulette, Blackjack, table games, video bingo, Hot Drop Jackpots with progressive prizes, and much more.

    Player security

    You can trust Bodog. All your information registered on the site is encrypted and has maximum protection against fraud. However, we rely on your help. If you doubt any message or email received, do not click on anything. Contact our customer support team through Live Chat. They are prepared to answer your security questions and various other topics, such as welcome bonuses, slot machines, online jackpots, among others.

    Guaranteed fun

    Bodog is your pocket-sized Las Vegas. The fun starts with a welcome bonus right after your first deposit. With this prize, you’re ready to have fun in all the casino’s attractions. There’s online bingo, live casino, jackpots with accumulated prizes, progressive slots, and various exclusive games.

    a night with cleo

    And if you just want to try a game? That’s easy at Bodog. In this online casino, you’ll find numerous slots with demo versions. With this option, you can experience the game without spending your balance. Come and have fun to your heart’s content.

    Easy to deposit and play

    No bureaucracy, no fine print, or giant forms. At Bodog, the focus is solely on your fun. After registering - it takes less than 2 minutes - you can deposit however you want. Pix, card, bank transfer, bank payment slip, or even cryptocurrency. Once the deposit is made, you’re all set. Now it´s time to have fun and play in this online casino full of attractions.

    Other games that might interest you

    At Bodog, you can go beyond online jackpots. If you’re a sports fan, there are various sports betting options for major events like Brasileirão, Premier League, NBA, Grand Slam, Super Bowl, and more. Now, if card games are your thing, come have fun in our online poker series. Tournaments run every day, with fair tables, million-dollar prizes, no sharks, and perfect for you to #makeaplay.


    What is a jackpot?

    When you hear the word jackpot, get ready! It means that some casino game is about to distribute a huge sum. That's because this is the maximum prize offered to the winner. As players have fun on the slots, a small portion of each bet is added to the accumulated amount. The more people play, the bigger the final reward.

    Winning an online jackpot can change a person's life. And who knows, maybe it will change yours? After all, at Bodog, you'll find slots with millionaire progressive prizes. So what are you waiting for? Choose your favorite game and come have fun with us!

    Types of Jackpots

    Yes, there are different formats. The most common ones are called fixed jackpots. As the name suggests, the prize value remains unchanged. That doesn't mean the values are low, quite the opposite. There are online jackpots that offer a huge amount of money! Now, for those who like excitement, nothing beats trying your luck on slots that offer progressive rewards.

    These jackpots increase with each play until a lucky person is blessed by the casino gods and hits a winning combination. There are also local jackpots, exclusively offered by a certain casino.

    What are Hot Drop Jackpots?

    Ahhh, the Hot Drop Jackpots! These are Bodog's new darlings. And what sets these slots apart from the others? The progressive prizes like you've never seen before! That's why HDJs are gaining more and more popularity among online casino players. To understand how it works, it's quite simple.

    In Hot Drop Jackpots, there are three types of prizes. These are distributed every hour, once a day, and before a Epic jackpot reaches a certain value. But instead of waiting, in this type of game, you can know how soon the next mini fortune will be won. Just keep an eye on the countdown timer or the prize amount. Those who played and won are now happily relishing their handsome cash rewards.

    How to win the jackpot?

    Well, answering this question is not that simple. It's not all about luck, especially if you want to win on progressive slots. So it's best to develop a winning strategy. Choose games that frequently offer generous rewards, such as Hot Drop Jackpots. Another important tip is to have good financial management. At Bodog, you can adjust the minimum value of your bet on various slots. This allows you to enjoy multiple games for a longer time and carefully choose which one to invest in. And if you lose, no problem. Stay calm and don't try to recover the lost amount by placing even bigger bets. After all, jackpots are valuable and also rare. So if it's not your time to win, feel free to play and have fun another day.

    Strategies and tips to win on slots

    Yes, there are some strategies to excel and win an accumulated amount. A very interesting tip is to understand the rules of the slot before playing. Since the games vary, it's important to check when each game can offer the best jackpots. Before playing, it's also recommended to set a budget. With this strategy, you can establish a maximum loss limit to avoid any unwanted losses. Also, keep an eye out for the bonuses and free spins offered by Bodog. There are numerous ways to secure one of these advantages, and they increase your chances of winning a nice sum. Now, if you want to win big, the best thing to do is to play slots with progressive prizes. In these games, jackpots are accumulated, and if you're the lucky one, you'll leave your bank account full.


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