USD 1.5 Guaranteed Weekly

Grab your seat at our poker tables every day of the week to win USD1.5 million in guaranteed weekly prize pools. We offer a great variety of guaranteed tournaments every day, with a wide range of entry levels. Download our poker software and select the ideal online poker tournament for you.

Featured guaranteed daily tournaments
Time (US East Coast) Tournament name Guaranteed prize pool Buy-in Initial chips
7:00 AM USD3.000 Guaranteed SS USD 3.000 USD 55 5.000
8:05 AM USD 1.500 Guaranteed Omaha H/L (10K Chips 10-Minute Levels) USD 1.500 USD 33 10.000
9:00 AM USD 2.000 Guaranteed ($25 Knockout) USD 2.500 USD 82 10.000
2:00 PM USD 3.000 Guaranteed (10K Chips 10-Minute Levels)**** USD 3.000 USD 33 10.000
4:00 PM USD 2.000 Guaranteed SS* USD 2.000 USD 55 5.000
6:30 PM USD 500 Guaranteed (Hundredaire Maker DS) USD 500 USD 7,70 3.000
7:00 PM USD 4.000 Guaranteed (SS 15-Minute Levels) USD 4.000 USD 33 5.000
8:00 PM USD 25.000 Guaranteed SS***** USD 25.000 USD 55 5.000
8:55 PM USD 10.000 Guaranteed** USD 10.000 USD 109 2.500
9:00 PM USD 4.000 Guaranteed (10K Chips 10-Minute Levels) USD 4.000 USD 22 5.000
9:15 PM USD 8.000 Guaranteed (10K Chips 10-Minute Levels) USD 8.000 USD 55 10.000
9:30 PM USD 1.000 Guaranteed (Turbo 10K Chips) USD 1.000 USD 3,30 10.000
10:00 PM USD 10.000 Guaranteed (10K Chips 10-Minute Levels)*** USD 10.000 USD 109 10.000
10:15 PM USD 2.500 Guaranteed USD 2.500 USD 11 10.000

*USD2,000 guaranteed on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays.

**USD10,000 guaranteed on Thursdays and Fridays.

***USD10,000 guaranteed on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

****USD3,000 guaranteed on Saturdays and Sundays.

*****USD30,000 guaranteed on Sundays.

Climb the path to USD100K on Sundays and hit the felt in Bodog’s biggest and longest weekly tournament. Regardless of your game level, you can take home a prize of USD30K this Sunday. The week is full of tournament options, and with guaranteed prize pools of over USD460K on Sunday alone, you cannot miss one second of the action.

Download our poker software and check the full event schedule, including our free online poker tournaments and much more.

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