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Poker Sit & Go

Sit & Go tournaments are popular in most online casinos and Bodog is no exception. This is, no doubt, one of our most played types of tournament. They are fast, intuitive and have many different options for each type of player. Sit & Go tournaments are designed especially for those who want to play and win fast.

Poker Sit & Go tournaments in Bodog

Step up your winning game playing Sit & Go tournaments in Bodog. Play without interruptions in our poker software or directly on our site if you access with your cell phone. You just have to choose between Texas Hold'em Omaha, Omaha Hi / Lo and select the number of players you want in your game. Try all types and styles with buy-ins starting at USD 1.

Sit & Go tournament styles

Here, you will find the Sit & Go tournament that is right for you. After you download our poker software if you play on your computer or directly from the browser if you access from your cell phone, you just must register in the tournament of your choice to start playing. Explore all available options:


Besides being one of the most popular, it is also one of the funniest. Sit & Go Knockout has some specific features, but the most prominent one is the importance of one player eliminating another. When a player knocks down an opponent, unlike other disciplines, he receives an award for it. The more players you eliminate, more prizes you will receive. The main goal is being the grand champion but players are also rewarded throughout the game.

If you play from your cell phone you do not need to download a software or an app, you can do it directly from the browser.


With these ones, you’ll open the path for bigger tournaments with even more profits. The cheapest way to win great prizes.


In Turbo tournaments, you’ll play a fast paced game. Blinds go up quickly and the tournament is overall fast and short. If you’re looking to play many games in little time, this is for you!

Double Up

In Double Up Sit & Go only the best half survives. For example, if ten players are in the table, only five will come out with profits –double winnings–. Don’t get yourself eliminated!

Triple Up

Just like Double Up, you’ll be playing to survive. Get into the top three players and win triple rewards.

Hyper Turbo

The fastest type of tournament in Bodog. If you want to play and win in just a matter of minutes, try this type of tournament!

Heads Up

A type of tournament played only by two people. It can be part of another tournament or not, but in all cases the two players compete to take all the winnings.


A type of tournament played only by two people. It can be part of another tournament or not, but in all cases, the two players compete to take all the winnings.

Poker Sit & Go

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From our poker software, if you play from your computer, or directly from your browser if you play from your cell phone, you can play at one or more tables. Each tournament begins when all players are registered and ready to start. One of the main advantages is that Sit & Go tournaments have many options, low-waiting times, short durations and many more players have the chance to take home a prize.

Start playing and try each type of tournament!


What is a Sit & Go tournament?

This format is very similar to conventional poker tournaments, but without a defined start time. Sit & Go tournaments begin when players are already registered and, depending on the modality, between 2 and 27 players can participate. This is one of the favorite types of poker, especially for beginners. This is because the Sit & Go poker is cheaper to play compared to the buy-ins of big tournaments and also because they are faster, generally lasting no more than 60 minutes.

How do I play Sit & Go tournaments?

If you are already registered and have credit in your account, just go to the Bodog Poker Lobby > click Sit & Go Tournaments > filter by Tournament Type > and choose a room to join. If you are not part of our community yet, register now, deposit and get a welcome bonus to start playing.

How long is a Sit & Go tournament?

Sit & Go poker tournaments are known to last less than other poker types. There is no exact time duration for each game, it will depend on the players. But, since the Sit & Go has a format with fewer competitors, the tournaments usually last minutes, not hours as we are used to seeing in other modalities.

What days and times are the Sit & Go tournaments?

They don't have a set day and time. Sit & Go poker tournaments can take place at any time of the day. Once the table has the minimum number of players required, the tournament begins.

How much can I win playing Sit & Go?

This will depend a lot on the prize at the table, which varies from game to game, and on your performance.