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Terms and Conditions
  • This promotion is valid from 31/08/17 to 03/31/23.
  • The bonus is limited to one per user.
  • To use the welcome bonus, the user must make a deposit.
  • The value of the bonus is 100% of the amount deposited.
  • The maximum bonus is USD 30, depending on the currency the user has selected for their account.
  • To receive the bonus, the user must select it in the Bonus Panel when making the deposit.
  • For deposit bonuses, the system will prioritize real money balance for bet placement and will only use bonus funds when there is no real balance available.
  • The Sports Welcome Bonus will not be valid for deposits made using VCreditos, Voucher, ecoPayz and AstropayCard.
  • To receive the bonus, the user must meet the website’s minimum deposit requirement, which varies by currency.
  • Before redemption, the total value of the bonus + the deposit amount must be wagered (rolled over) at least 7 times in Sports and / or at least 30 times on the Casino area. The amount deposited will remain locked until the bonus amount is unlocked.
  • The deposit amount counted for rollover requirements cannot exceed the maximum bonus amount (USD 30). If the player makes a deposit for a superior amount to USD 400, surplus will not be considered. Maximum Sports rollover for this bonus is USD 840.
  • To comply with the rollover requirements, all valid bets made on Sports an Casino must comply the following requirements:
  • In Casino, to comply with the rollover requirements, only bets placed in the Casino area with the following contributions will count:
    Bet Contribution Contribution Percentage
    Slots, Bingo 100%
    Live Casino, Table Games 10%
    Arcade 5%
    Virtual Sports, Mini games, Video Poker, Craps 0%
    Jackpot Games and with Buy Feature 0%
  • In Sports, the rollover will count the lowest amount between the risked amount and the profits generated by each bet. In the case of a losing bet, the risked amount will be taken into account. For example: If the user bets $ 100 on the odds of 1.01, the risk will be $ 100 and the profit will be $ 1, so the lowest amount will be applied to roll the rollover, in this case $ 1. If the user loses the bet, the amount applied is the risked value, that is, $ 100. Another example: If the user bets $ 100 on a 4, the risk is $ 100 and the profit is $ 300, there for, the lowest value for rollover compliance, in this case $ 100, is applied, either winning or losing the bet.
  • Opposite bets in the same market, canceled or returned bets or settled by cashout will not be counted toward rollover compliance.
  • The bonus will be valid for 30 days and the rollover requirement must be met within this time frame. If it is not, both the bonus and any winnings generated by it will be voided.
  • Accounts with the same IP address, name, where members of the same family share the same personal information such as address, phone number, etc., accounts from a single computer, or several accounts belonging to the same person are not eligible for the promotion.
  • This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion.
  • The Bodog team reserves the right to update and/or end this promotion at any time, without prior warning.
  • For questions about equivalences, please contact our customer service team via our live chat.

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