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Poker Knock Out
All about Poker Knockout
Have you ever heard of knockout in poker? Not yet? So, come to learn a little more about one of the most popular online poker games among players around globe. In addition to all the adrenaline and excitement that the game offers, in knockout poker tournaments there are many more chances of winning. That is because it is not necessary to be among the best players in the tournament to win a share of the prize.

It works like this, the prize is divided into two parts, one part goes to the prize pool and another part to the tournament players. And for every player you eliminate, you get a reward and continue until the tournament ends. And, at the end, in addition to the sums that each defeated opponent adds up, you also get the prize pool.
Poker Knock Out

Poker Knockout

In this modality of Multitable Poker Tournaments there is a part of the buy-in that goes to the tournament prize and another that is distributed among all the players at the table, called bounty. In knockout poker tournaments, the bounty value is fixed and never changes, remaining the same throughout the game.
PKO Progressive

Progressive Poker Knockout MTT*

Progressive knockout poker, also called PKO, is well known for all the adrenaline it offers. Because here, unlike the modality we mentioned above, the reward value is not fixed and increases as players are eliminated from the table. As the name implies, the reward is progressive, so the more players you eliminate, the better your reward will be.

*Multi Table Tournaments
Sit And Go Poker Knock Out

Sit & Go Knockout

As with all online poker, Sit & Go tournaments, the main feature here is that the number of players is limited, which makes the tournaments faster compared to other modalities. This undoubtedly increases your chances of winning as you compete with fewer players. You can choose between a single table, with 6 players, or multitable with 18 players. And, when we talk about Sit & Go Knockout, it means that here you also receive a reward for each eliminated player, without necessarily having to reach the end of the competition.

How to play these tournaments?

If you've never played knockout poker online, you should definitely get a taste of all the excitement that the game has. Because, as we have already said, for every player eliminated, you get a reward. And, if it is in progressive format, this value increases as the game develops.

The great advantage is precisely this, you do not have to wait for the opponents at the table to be eliminated to win money. Simply by eliminating someone at the beginning of the game, for example, you already win, regardless of your rank number. And of course, the more players you eliminate, the more you win. The final prize is also a nice reward for those who manage to secure a good ranking at the table.

You can play daily knockout poker tournaments here at Bodog! Choose your favorite game type and get ready to defeat your opponents.

What do I get by playing this type of knockout poker KO tournament?

In addition to all the adrenaline and excitement that knockout tournaments offer, you also have the opportunity to win more, not only by getting a good ranking in the game, but also for every player you eliminate. The amount of your winnings will depend largely on your performance in the game, your opponents and the value of the prize of each tournament.

The truth is that there is no way to know how much we can win at a poker table. Each game is unique, each player has their own style and there is no situation the same as another.

You always have to be prepared to adapt to different situations, and the more practice you have, the better your chances of getting a good ranking at the table.

Poker Knockout Tournaments ... Where Can I Find It?

You can find knockout poker tournaments and other tournament modalities in one place! In our poker lobby. Download our software if you are going to play on your computer or play directly in your browser if you are accessing from your mobile.

To play Poker Knockout or Progressive Poker Knockout:

Under Tournaments> Tournament Types> select the Knockout option and choose your preferred online poker tournament.

To play Sit & Go Knockout:

In Sit & Go Tournaments> select the Knockout option and choose your preferred online poker tournament.

Don't forget that you need to have an account balance to play. To make a deposit, simply go to your account menu, click Deposit, select the deposit method and enter the amount.


What is knockout in poker?
In knockout tournaments, also called KO poker, the cash prize is divided between the players at the table and the final prize. Every time someone eliminates a player, that person earns part of the victim's bounty.
What is a bounty?
The bounty in poker is the value of each player's "head". That's why we always say that you get a reward for every player eliminated in online poker.
Do I need to be a poker expert to play?
You don't need to be an expert to play poker with us, as all of our modes and tournaments are for all levels of players. For those who have just arrived and still don't know much about poker, knockout tournaments are definitely the best option. Because, as we have mentioned before, this modality offers many more possibilities of winning, with rewards at every moment of the game and not only for the best classified.
Do I get cash prizes even if I lose playing online poker?
That is the great advantage of knockout tournaments. Even if you don't make it to the top, for every player eliminated, you win cash prizes. The more players you manage to eliminate, even if it is at the beginning of the game and you do not reach the end, the more you will win.
How to avoid been eliminated??
Losing is part of any sport, including online poker, which is the sport of the mind. But a great ally when it comes to getting it right in your plays is practice. It is also important to study the basic rules and terms of poker so that you can feel more and more comfortable at the table. All this immersion in the world of poker will undoubtedly help you understand the logic, concepts and strategies of the game and realize that not only can you rely on luck, you also need logical and mathematical reasoning when taking decisions.
How do I register for a KO poker tournament?
It is easy! First, you must register on our site and make a deposit to your Bodog account in order to have the balance to play. Then, go to the poker lobby (if you are playing on your computer) or directly in your browser if you are playing on your mobile and choose the knockout poker tournament that you like the most.
Techniques for playing knockout poker?
To be more successful in these types of tournaments, it is good to be very clear from the beginning that the prize is divided by two. That is why it is important to have a specific strategy for these types of tournaments, which should be a little different from those used for conventional poker tournaments. One would be to eliminate players and another to reach the final prize.
Quick tips for playing knockout poker:
It is very important to focus on the game and be prepared to adapt to any situation: eliminate, be eliminated, win or lose. It's all part of it and it makes online poker even more exciting! There is always a new tournament for you to play and new opportunities for you to show off your best plays.

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