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Play Online Poker and Earn Big on Bodog

Ever since poker made its way online in the nineties, the popularity of the game has soared to new heights every year. As a trusted name in online betting, Bodog is bringing poker enthusiasts online together, with millions of players globally now enjoying the game.

As the ease of playing poker online improves, it is now possible for players in India to play a game with someone in Australia in only a matter of clicks.

Also improving is the life-like experience of the game. Be it the eye-catching visual interface or quick response rate, Bodog users will find no difference between traditional and online poker in terms of the playing experience. The number of slot and card games that can also be played online leaves players spoilt for choice.

  • How to get started on Bodog

    1. Access the Page - Open the online poker page on Bodog and find a virtual lobby where players can take their pick from multiple cards and slot games. These are categorized into the following types: Cash Games, Zone Poker and Sit & Go. In addition, players can also participate in tournaments that are scheduled daily.
    2. Choose the Game - Choose your preferred card game from Texas Hold’em, Omaha, or Omaha HI/LO.
    3. Set money limits - Set the money limit of the game by selecting an option from fixed, pot, or no-limit poker games.
    4. Number of seats on the table - Select the preferred number of seats on the serving table, which ranges from two, six, and nine in cash games. In zone games, the seats range from six to nine.

    Why is Bodog the best site to play online poker?

    Bodog hosts exciting Poker tournaments with large prize pools that catch the eye. Players use perks such as the Referral Program to spread the word about Bodog and earn credits in return.

    Bodog has also focused its energies to put top-of-the-line security measures in place, creating a safe payment environment that players can trust.

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  • History of Poker and its rise online

    Poker has been played as far back as 200 years ago. While the game originated in the United States of America, it spread across the globe in a short span of time. But the biggest change to hit the game in the 1990s when initial experiments with online poker surfaced. By the time the new millennium set in, online poker was not just popular but also a great opportunity to win real money.

    The game’s popularity only soared to greater heights with lightning-fast internet, crisp visuals and ease of accessibility with mobile devices.

  • Tips to consider when playing Online Poker

    Listed below are some tips you must consider when playing a game of online poker, especially if you are new to the game -

    • Study all aspects of the game - There is a treasure trove worth of information on poker online and in various books. Study these sources regularly and experiment with your learnings when the opportunity presents. The journey of learning never ends for poker enthusiasts due to the game’s dynamic nature.
    • Set realistic goals - Keep your skill level in consideration and formulate realistic financial goals from poker tournaments. Be as critical as possible in this respect as the smallest goof-ups can have long-lasting effects on your gameplay and strategies.
    • Maintain a fixed and big bankroll - Maintain a set bankroll only for poker activities is always recommended. This measure brings a sense of discipline to the high stakes environment. But the bankroll also needs to be big enough to play big prize pool matches. Either way, the bankroll helps the player’s personal savings from getting directly hit by losses in a match.
      • Add-on - purchasing additional chips to ‘add-on’ to the chip stack at the end of the rebuy period.
      • Big Blind - this is a type of bet posted by the player sitting on the left of the card dealer.
      • Buying the pot - when players win a pot by forcing other players out of a game with a bluff or semi-bluff trick.
      • Chop - in a tournament, when the remaining players eventually decide to split the prize rather than play to the end.
      • Draw Poker - a scenario where all the players get a set number of cards and a player can replace their cards with other participants of the game.
      • Fast Play - a fast-paced game where the player can place multiple bets in a single match.
      • Hands - a set of playing cards dealt by the dealer to each player.
      • Kicker - when a player has unmatched cards that are only used to break ties.
      • Hole Cards - cards that can be seen and used by the player only.
      • Face-up Cards - a card on the table whose value is visible. For example, ace of hearts.
      • Pot - a sum of money that players wager in a game.
      • Rake - the amount of money taken out of the pot by the house or dealer of the game.
      • Shorthanded - an online poker game with fewer than six players.
      • Table Stakes - a game where players can play with chips available in front of them on the table.
      • Cash Games - as the name suggests, the game involves actual cash being bet rather than chips. Also, unlike tournament games, players can buy their way into the game if they run out of wagered cash.
      • Zone Poker - in this game, a player who has folded their hand can move to a new table immediately without waiting until the end of the hand.
      • Sit & Go - a single-table online poker tournament without a scheduled start time. The game starts as soon as there are enough people registered at a table.
      • Hi/Lo - a type of online poker game where players with the highest and lowest hands, each take half the pot.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Which is the most secure website for online poker in India?

    Bodog is the most secure website for online poker in India. It features top-of-the-line security measures and offers prominent and trusted payment options such as Visa, Mastercard, etc. for safe transactions.

    2. Do I have to deposit money when opening an account?

    No, it is not mandatory to deposit money when opening a Bodog account. However, the site does ask players to deposit a certain amount of money before playing. For the players’ convenience, Bodog offers multiple payment options such as Visa, Mastercard, AstroPay, bitcoins, etc.

    3. Can play money be exchanged for real money?

    Yes, when players win a game of online poker on Bodog, they can encash the amount using a four-digit security pin from their Bodog account. Players can also exchange the amount in their Bodog wallet with playing chips for the next online poker game.

    4. Is it better to play tournaments or cash games?

    Tournaments require a considerable time commitment from users. Whereas, cash games are faster. Depending on the time on hand, players can choose to play either of the games as both have their share of advantages.

    5. What’s the difference between live and online poker?

    Live and online poker games are different in several ways. Here are some of the notable differences:

    • Size of Bets - in live games, players encounter bets of various proportions. In online poker games, players can place their bets in amounts that are 2, 2.5, or 3 times the big blind.
    • Pace - online poker games tend to be much faster in terms of gameplay when compared to the live version.
    • Strategies - players can use the statistics provided on the various game pages to further flesh out their strategies. This move can help increase the chances of winning a game.

    6. Which poker games are available online on Bodog?

    • Hold’em - the three-round game starts with a 52-card deck shuffled before the hands are dealt. Players bet after each round with two-hole cards and face-up cards. A player with a five-card hand and two-hole cards wins.
    • Omaha - similar to Hold’em, in Omaha poker players are served four-hole cards instead of two.
    • Omaha HI/LO - in this variant of Omaha, the pot is split between players who hold the highest and lowest hands in the game.
  • Explore Various Options in Online Betting on Bodog

    Whether players are looking to play a fun zone poker or cash game, Bodog provides a highly efficient and engaging gaming experience. The wide range of games on the platform are easy to grasp for beginners while also providing veterans with a competitive environment.

    Players can also explore other gaming categories on Bodog such as sports betting, live dealer and online casino games. Each of these sections features just as many options for exciting gameplay as online poker.

    Some of the popular options in these categories include:

    1. Cricket
    2. Football
    3. Badminton
    4. Andar Bahar
    5. Teen Patti

    So, sign up right away to dive into the immersive world of one of the best Indian betting sites.


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