Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

-Promotion valid from January 15 to August 23, 2020.

-Promotion valid only for users who currently live in Latin America. To participate, each user needs to sign up to the promotion.

-Users who have activity within the promotional period and have agreed to participate in the promotion will be considered as participants.

-Only single bets and parlays made with real money will be valid.

-Prizes will be visible on the site and have a limited stock. Users can exchange them as long as the prize is available and the player has enough points to redeem that prize.

Points collection:

The first confirmed and updated bet as a winning one or lost one in any match of the following championships will add points:

  • Champions League
  • Europa League
  • La Liga
  • Serie A Italy
  • Premier League
  • Bundesliga

-Points will be added when the first bet in one of the participating competitions is confirmed and updated (as won or lost). Only one bet per game will be valid.

-If the player makes two bets in the same game, only the first valid one will be taken into account for the sum of points. In the case of parlays will be added 2 points for each different parlay (involving different events). Different bets will be considered as bets of different events. Parlays in the same events but different markets are considered equal bets.

-The valid bet must have a minimum value of USD 15 (this amount cannot be completed with more than one bet) each bet adds 1 (one) point for Simples and 2 (two) points for Parlays.

-Monthly Free Bets:

- The Free Bets will be credited as a Bonus. Rollover in Sports X5 and in Casino X30. 

To complete the rollover, all Sports and Casino bets will be counted, with the following requirements: 
In Casino, Blackjack and Roulette contribute 10% for the fulfillment of the rollover and the rest of the games 100%. Mini Games and Progressives do not count for rollover. 
In Sports, the minor amount between the risk and the winnings generated by each bet will count towards the rollover. In case of losing the bet, the risk amount will be taken into account. For example: If the user bets $ 100 in 1.01 , the risk amount is $ 100 and the profit is $ 1, therefore, the lower value for the rollover compliance applies, in this case, $ 1. If you lose the bet, apply the risky value, that is, $ 100. Another example: If the user bets $ 100 on 4, the risk amount is $ 100 and the profit is $ 300, therefore, the lowest value for the rollover compliance applies, in this case, $ 100, either winning or losing The bet.

Free Bet USD

Free Bet R$

Free Bet ARS

Free Bet BOB

Free Bet PEN

Free Bet MEX

Points Value

Amount per month

3 10 180 20 10 60 2 80
5 25 300 35 15 100 5 50
10 50 600 70 30 200 7 30
20 75 1200 150 60 400 9 20
25 100 1500 180 70 500 12 16
30 150 1800 210 90 600 15 12
50 200 3000 350 150 1000 18 10
70 275 4200 500 200 1400 20 6
100 350 6000 700 300 2000 22 4
150 500 9000 1000 450 3000 25 2

Final Prize:

-Due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, the initial prize has been changed for a USD 10.000 cash prize.

-The final raffle will be made between all those who, at the time, have a raffle ticket.

-Tickets for the raffle: each user will be able to buy an unlimited amount of tickets to participate in the final raffle. Each ticket will cost 5 points.

-To participate in the promotion, the user must click on the “START NOW” button on the Bodog League of Champions promotional page. Points will be counted from that moment.

-None of the prizes offered in this promotion can be exchanged for money or transferred to a third party.

-The winner will be responsible for having the necessary documentation to travel. Bodog is not responsible and will not make refunds for personal documentation costs.

-Opposite bets in the same market, bets with cashout, canceled bets or returned ones do not participate in the promotion.

-Any fraudulent activity can have consequences; like the player having his account removed and locked in Bodog. This decision is made by Bodog and will be final and irrevocable.

-Canceled accounts cannot participate in the promotion. The ‘Canceled’ status of an account disqualifies it from participating in this promotion.

-Accounts with the same IP address, name, belonging to the same family, sharing the same personal information as address, telephone, etc., from the same computer or several accounts belonging to the same person, do not participate in the promotion.

-The Bodog Team may contact the user in order to collect information about the winners of the promotion. Such material may be used in the brand's marketing actions in the future. The identity of the winner will be reserved. In case its disclosure is necessary, the user will be informed previously.

-This promotion does not accumulate with other promotions.

-The Bodog Team reserves the right to close this promotion at any time without prior notification.

* For questions about equivalences, please contact our customer service team via our live chat.

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