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Every time we start betting or playing some new Casino game, there’s going to be a few things that can seem difficult or hard to understand. Don’t worry though! We got your back to help you make your path in Bodog easier.

This time we’re going to review what is rollover both for Sports bets and Casino. It might sound tricky at first, but once you get the overall concept you’ll see how easy it is.

What is rollover?

Rollover is one of the conditions to comply to withdraw your winnings. When doing a deposit, you’ll need to bet a certain amount of times or bet the deposited value plus bonus (if you obtained one), for us to turn your balance into real money and therefore make it available to withdraw.

How does rollover work in Bodog?

To get exactly how it works we’ll explain the two types of rollover we have in Bodog separately.


How does rollover for Sports work?

In this case, we need to differentiate the type of bonus and deposit to have a better understanding of the rollover requirements.

Bonus with deposit
Before requesting a withdrawal, you’ll need to bet the total value of the Sports Welcome Bonus plus the value of your deposit at least 7 times. Other bonuses for sports betting the rollover is 5 times.

The deposited value to be accounted for the rollover requirements can’t be over the maximum bonus amount. If we’re talking about the Welcome Bonus, for example, the maximum amounts is USD 30. In case the user deposits a greater amount than the maximum bonus value, the surplus will not count for the rollover calculations. The maximium rollover in Sports for the Welcome Bonus is USD 840.

Let’s see an example of Sports Welcome Bonus:
If you deposited USD 20, your rollover will be of (20 + 20) x 7
If you deposited USD 30, your rollover will be of (30 + 30) x 7
If you deposited USD 100, your rollover will be of (30 + 30) x 7

Let’s see an example of other bonuses for sports betting:
If you deposited USD 20, your rollover will be of (20 + 20) x 5
If you deposited USD 30, your rollover will be of (30 + 30) x 5
If you deposited USD 100, your rollover will be of (30 + 30) x 5

In the latter case, the value taken for the rollover calculation is the one of the bonus since the bet exceeds the maximum value of the bonus. The best thing about this is that it doesn't matter if your deposit is bigger, your rollover will not increase based on it.

Bonus without deposit
The rollover is calculated only according to the value of the bonus x 5. For example, if you got a Free Bet of USD 5, to withdraw your winnings you need to bet a total of USD 25 (5 X 5).

There’s no minimum odd!

We haven’t even mentioned odds, because there’s really no need to consider them! For the rollover compliance, it’s not necessary that you bet on a minimum odd. We want you to have no limits in making your own decisions. You have the right to choose everything you want and support your favorite teams without considering how low are the odds.

How does rollover for Casino work?


It is very simple: to withdraw your money, you’ll need to bet the total value of the your bonus plus the value of your deposit at least for 30 times in the Casino area. This means that you’ll need to play with the money until you fulfill the rollover conditions.

Bet Contribution

Contribution Percentage

Slots, Bingo 100%
Live Casino, Table Games 10%
Arcade, Crash Games 0%
Virtual Sports, Mini games, Video Poker, Craps 0%
Jackpot Games and with Buy Feature 0%

Rollover Calculator


If you made a deposit and got a bonus or you just want to try how the rollover works, use our calculator! Try as many times as you want and keep your rollover calculations yourself.

Rollover Welcome Bonus Calculator

Rollover to complete USD 0

Bonus USD 0

Other Bonuses Rollover Calculator

*If your bonus is a non-deposit bonus, then type 0 in the deposit field

Rollover compliance USD 0

If you have any questions about your results or you don’t understand how the calculator or calculations works, do not hesitate in getting in touch! Our Customer Service Team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you with everything you need.

Rollover in Virtual Sports

In Virtual Sports, no game contributes to Rollover compliance. Also, it will not be possible to play with bonus in Virtual Sports games.

Bodog Active Bonus balance

The bonus balance is the money obtained through bonuses or promotions. You can check your bonus balance on the “Bonus” page. As there are exclusive bonuses for certain products, remember that this balance can be blocked on some areas. For example, if you get a Casino Bonus, it will be available only for that area.

Cash Balance

You can see the Cash Balance in the upper right corner of Bodog. This value is your real money. Remember that if you have a bonus, the bonus money will not be represented in this amount.

Balance available for betting

Now, if you want to know what your total balance is to play or bet, you need to sum up the bonus balance to the Cash Balance.

Understanding your Active Bonuses

Let's take a look at the parts that make up your active bonuses. It’s important to understand everything when we’re talking about winnings and keeping track of them.

Released values

Bonuses require that you use a portion of your own money to be able to add more bonuses. Therefore, every time you place a bet, part of you balance is ‘released’ to your cash balance.

Remaining values

The remaining value refers to the bonus value you still have yet to release. For example, if you have a USD 100 bonus and USD 20 have already been released, your remaining value will be USD 80.

Rollover progress

As we mentioned before, the rollover is the amount of bets / money you must make in order to withdraw your money. The rollover progress indicates you how much you need for total compliance.

Locked values

There are certain bonuses that have conditions attached to them. When you have this type of bonus, Bodog can block your balance until all the conditions are met. This blocked amount can be used on the site but cannot be withdrawn.

How to comply with the rollover?

It’s time to put our knowledge to practice! In Sports, it is considered, for the rollover compliance, the lowest value between the bet and the winnings. If your bet is a non-winning one, the value of the bet will be taken into account.

For example:
If you bet a total of USD 100 on an odd of 1.01, the value of the bet is 100 while the winnings will be of USD 1 (you recover your initial 100 and get a dollar of profit). In this case, the value considered for the fulfillment of the rollover will be USD 1. If the same situation results in a lost bet, the value of the bet (USD 100) would be considered for the rollover.

On the other hand, if you bet USD 100 on an odd of 4.00, your winnings will be USD 300 (you recover your USD 100 and win USD 300). In this case, the value considered for the fulfillment of the rollover will be USD 100, whether you win or lose the bet.

Read the terms and conditions of each bet

Always remember before requesting a bonus or make any type of bet to read its the terms and conditions. If you have questions about any of the points expressed there, contact the Customer Service Team as soon as possible.

Plan each bet

Think and deliberate the conditions each bet can have at the time of placing it and calculate your winnings and money based on it. If you know that you need to bet a certain amount of money to fulfill the rollover, it might be time to consider making that type of bet. This will make you complete the rollover requirements and you will be able to withdraw your money.

Research before betting

When betting it is best to know well who you are betting on. If it's a soccer match, get to know the teams and understand what the situation of each one is. Then again, if you plan to bet on a Bodog Casino game, take your time to get to know it and to understand how it works. Thank to this you will avoid losing unnecessary money and have even more fun!

Enjoy each bet

Last but not least: have fun! The best part of making a bet or playing a Casino game is the fun time you get while doing so. Research, plan and conquer all the different options both in the Sportsbook and in Casino and find whatever makes you feel most at home.

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