100% Welcome Bonus for Poker

Get a 100% Sign Up Bonus

As a new Bodog player, you can get a 100% bonus for joining, up to a value of USD1,000.

Here’s how it works after you sign up and make a deposit:

Level Poker Points Bonus issued Total bonuses
1 15 USD5 USD5
2 85 USD20 USD25
3 185 USD25 USD50
4 400 USD50 USD100
5 1.000 USD100 USD200
6 2.500 USD200 USD400
7 5.000 USD250 USD650
8 10.000 USD350 USD1000

The more Poker Points you earn in the 30 days after your deposit, the more bonuses you’ll get. For example, if you earn 10,000 Poker Points in your first 30 days, you will get a total of USD1,000 in cash bonuses. View and track your progress in the Poker Bonuses section of the Poker software.

Download our poker software now (it’s quick and easy) and learn more about how to track Poker Points. Win up to USD1,000 straight away; join the game today and don’t forget to play hard.

Terms and Conditions
Instant Cash Bonus

*The bonus programs are offered to recreational players only. Professional players, or players considered to be abusing the bonus system by any means, may have their bonuses voided and be subject to other sanctions at the sole discretion of Bodog’s Sports Betting, Casino and Poker Room site management.

*The sign up bonus is a cash bonus. It replaces any mention of a free bet bonus on the website.

  • Make your first deposit to activate your 100% sign up bonus.
  • Start unlocking your 100% poker sign up bonus by winning Poker Points over the following 30 days.
  • Your poker sign up bonus will be issued immediately after the levels in the above table have been achieved.
  • The 100% sign up bonus will be credited based on the total deposits made within 24 hours of your first deposit.
  • All bonuses issued will be based on Poker Points won within 30 days of the first deposit.
  • The bonuses will be issued based on the levels specified in the table above immediately after the necessary number of Poker Points has been achieved.
  • Bonuses obtained from Poker Points will not have a rollover requirement.
  • The maximum total bonus issued is USD1,000.
  • This promotion is only valid in Latin America.