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Cash Games is one of the most famous types of poker in the world. And it is not surprising, since in Cash Games, unlike tournaments, there is no pre-set start date and time. You go in and start playing. You can change the table and stop playing whenever you want. Have you decided to leave the table? You just take all the chips you have at the moment and fold. In Cash Games you always play poker for real money, if you finish the game with "10", it means that you leave the game with 10 dollars. It's that simple!

Did you like it? Do you want to know why this game is one of the most played by poker lovers? Find out more about the Cash and Zone Poker tables here.

Two types of Cash Poker

Cash Games

Poker tournaments have a fixed start time and can often take hours to finish. At Cash Games tables you have much more freedom. You decide when to start playing and when to stop. If you feel like playing a lot, there will be plenty of tables available to you 24 hours a day. But if you don't have a lot of free time, you can play a quick game and leave the table when you feel like it.

Another feature of Cash tables is that there are no champions. Precisely because you can come and go whenever you want, the prize of this modality is to win the chips from each hand. That is, here you can consider yourself a champion if you leave the table with more chips than you entered.

Zone Poker

Zone Poker is the perfect style for those who like volume, lots of action at the tables and enjoy fast game play. Unlike the Cash Game, in Zone Poker you are not restricted to a single table. Even before the action itself, you can wait or fold by selecting the "CHECK / FOLD NOW" option and quickly move to another table, with a new hand and against other new players. And so on, until you find the ideal hand to play.

Play Cash Poker or Zone Poker for free in Practice Mode

Here at Bodog you have the opportunity to practice all your skills before betting real money. Simply activate the option "Practice Mode" and test all your knowledge in the mind sport.

Poker, in addition to being a very dynamic and adaptable game, also offers all the excitement and adrenaline of a competition. But before playing for real, there are those who prefer to practice and gain more confidence in the game. If you are part of this team, you can be sure that at Bodog you have the chance to play online poker in "Practice Mode". Simply activate this option within the poker software and start training. Once you are ready to play for real, simply choose between the Zone Poker and Cash Games categories to show off everything you have learned.

It works like this:


If you already are a Bodog player, you can skip this step and go directly to step 2.If not, sign up in a few minutes. Welcome Bonus New players get a poker bonus up to USD 1.000 to unlock.


Once you have logged in, download poker software on your computer or play directly on your browser or mobile phone.


In the software, click Cash Games> Practice Mode> and when ON appears, it is enabled.


Then, click NEXT and start training.

Why are these real money online poker games so popular?

There are several advantages, as mentioned before, from the speed of the Cash Games and Zone Poker tables, or even the ability to practice before playing for real money. Let's know a little more about these advantages:

Play whenever you want
One of the most interesting things about these modalities is that they do not have a starting date or time. If you feel like playing real money poker, you already know that there will always be a Cash Game or Zone Poker game available.

There is no need to wait
Here you are the one who sets the rules. You can leave the table whenever you want, if you think you have won enough or simply because you are tired of playing. It is an ideal format to have fun at lunchtime or to relax yourself for a while.

You play for real money
Aside from all the adrenaline and excitement of playing online poker at an anonymous table, the most exciting thing about these games is playing for real money and deciding when to leave the table. Are you playing, have you won and do you want to stop playing? Just go out and take the chips you have won and exchange them for real money.

With practice you can be a master
As we said before, the best thing about Cash Game and Zone Poker tables is that you have the ability to practice before playing for money. You can see what the tables are like, how the rounds work, the timing, etc.

Why choose to play Poker Cash Tables instead of tournaments?

This is a very common question among players around the world. When choosing which poker game to play, what criteria should you consider? Well, first you need to know the main differences between the two types of poker. In a tournament, you must pay the entrance fee and have a set day and time to play. A poker tournament can be fast-paced and only last 20 minutes, or you can spend an entire afternoon playing the same event. Whoever manages to collect all the chips in the tournament wins. There are events, for example, with prizes of 50 dollars and others that guarantee more than 1 million dollars. By the way, once a month, the Bodog Million is held here, one of the most popular tournaments in our community with USD 1.000.000 in prize money in a single day. Stay tuned for the next editions and reserve your place now. At the online Cash Poker tables, things work a little differently. Cash Games does not have a set time for it to take place. You choose when to join a cash table, how long to play, and when it's time to grab your chips and walk away. This time freedom is a great advantage. But that is not the only difference, in this modality the prize is also different, since there is no champion.


It’s one of the most popular poker in the world. Texas Hold'em, also called simply Hold'em, is a style of poker game in which the player is dealt two cards, called hole cards. These two starting cards are only visible to the player. The dealer then deals five cards, three at a time, known as the flop. Then comes another card, the turn, and an additional card, called the river, which can be used by everyone at the table to make the best hand of five. Within Hold'em, at Bodog we have two types:

No Limit (Tables of 2, 6 or 9 players)

In this format, the most common of all, you can bet any value without limits. This means that each player can, at any time, bet as much as he wants, including all the chips he owns (All-in). The minimum bet raise must be equal to or greater than the previous player. Or all-in if you have fewer chips than stipulated.

Fixed Limit (Tables of 6 players)

In Fixed Limit you can only bet a fixed amount at a time. Also, the bet can only be increased a certain number of times per hand. In a way, this may limit your game a bit, but the risk is also much lower.


In Omaha all players at the table receive the four hole cards that are not visible to the table, only each player can see their cards. Then, players must use exactly three of the community cards and make the best possible hand of five.

Pot Limit (Tables of 2 and 6 players)

In this variant, no player can raise the bet by a value greater than found in the pot.

Omaha Hi Low

This is very similar to the Omaha we just explained, but the difference is that the payout is split in two: between a high hand (as in previous Omaha) called High, and a low hand, called Low. That's why the name is: Hi Low.

Pot Limit (Tables of 2 and 6 players)

Here the actual bets are limited to the same value as the chips in the pot.




Cash Games, which are also called regular games or Cash Tables, is a way to play online poker. And as we mentioned before, here at Bodog, you'll find the world's most popular varieties of poker. Play from wherever you are on your mobile, computer or tablet, all our poker tables are compatible with all devices. And remember, if you prefer to practice before playing for real, you also have the option of "Practice Mode", which allows you to test your skills before playing poker for real money.

Remember that unlike tournaments, Cash Games poker events are played at any time, without a preset day and time. Besides being faster and not having a fixed buy-in amount, there is no great table champion.

Cash Games



It is a style of cash poker in which the player is not limited to a single table. In the fast fold format, you can fold at any time from the hand by clicking on "CHECK / FOLD NOW" and be instantly transferred to another table with new players. And if you don't like the new table, you can quickly fold again and go to a third table and so on, until you find a good hand.

This is the great advantage of Zone Poker that it gives you the option to fold quickly. It will always be a table with 6 players.

At Bodog's Zone Poker you can find Texas Hold'em, Omaha and Omaha Hi Low with very accessible blinds. You can find the cheapest games starting at $ 0.02 / 0.05, which is the value of the big blind.

Zone Poker

Game level to enter Cash Games

Cash Game tables, like any other form of online poker, is accessible to everyone, regardless of level of knowledge or experience.

Apart from bank management, you have much more control over your bankroll and you manage your funds with much more caution.

What is the size of a cash poker table?

At cash poker tables you have the option of playing with 2, 6 or even 9 people in Hold'em, Omaha Hi or Omaha Hi Low. This is also a big difference from other types of poker, as by playing with fewer people your chances of winning also increase.

Start playing at the Cash Tables

If you've made it this far, you already understand how our Cash Poker and Zone Poker tables work! They are the perfect game for those who like to gain volume, play fast, and have a lot more control over bankroll.

What if you put everything you learned into practice now? Simply access our software, choose your favorite game type and start winning at online poker.

  • What level of play do I need to enter a Cash Table?

    Cash Game tables, like any other form of online poker, is accessible to everyone, regardless of their level of knowledge or experience. In Cash poker, you have much more control over your bankroll and you can manage your funds much more carefully.

  • What is the size of a cash poker table?

    At the Cash poker tables you have the option to play with 2, 6 or even 9 people in Hold'em, Omaha Hi or Omaha Hi Low. This is also a big difference from cash tables, as by playing with fewer people, your chances of winning also increase.

  • What is Cash Poker?

    Unlike an online poker tournament, it does not have a pre-set date and time for it to take place. You choose when to play, how long you will stay at the table and the real money bet.

  • A type of poker for everyone?

    Without a doubt, anyone, regardless of their level of knowledge or experience, can play poker online. It all depends on your time and dedication to work on your techniques and how much you are willing to bet.

  • Why is cash poker so popular?

    This type of poker is becoming more and more popular, because in addition to the adrenaline and excitement that the sport brings to mind, you also have the chance of winning real money playing recreationally.

  • What do I need to know before betting on Poker Cash or Poker Zone?

    All you need to do is choose a safe and reliable platform, focus, and start playing. It is always good to remember that the more you study and practice, the more you improve your game.

  • What is the Stack of Cash Poker tables?

    It is the amount of chips that you put to play.

  • What do the acronyms NL500, NL200, NL100, NL50 mean in Poker?

    The NL mode (No Limits or No Limits) means that there is no limit for bets. This means that you can go all-in (bet all your chips) at any point of the game.
    The number following the NL, however, indicates the value of the big blind x 100, for example: NL 500 = Blinds $ 2.5 / $ 5. The big blind is $ 5 x 100 = $ 500.
    It also indicates the maximum amount of money with which you can sit at the table. For example, at NL 200, the maximum allowed to sit is $ 200. In this example, the blinds are $ 1 / $ 2.

  • What about entering and leaving the Poker table whenever you want? With Poker Cash Games, you can!
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