Parlay Builder

Parlays on the House, a new way of betting.

Our specialists have selected the best events for you to
bet on and win quick, with no sidesteps nor headaches.


Parlays on the House, a new way of betting.

Our specialists have selected the best events for you to
bet on and win quick, with no sidesteps nor headaches.


How to bet using
Parlays on the House?

Choose the parlays you like the most

Enter the amount value you want to bet

Click BET

The Bet Slip will open and done! Your bet is made!


The perfect place to have fun with zero complications

Parlays on the House gives you the option to bet on parlays fast. It’s the best way to discover new markets and make bets that maximize your winnings. Join us and be a part of the parlay revolution!


A parlay is a set or sum of simple bets.

When you make a parlay, you get higher winnings. This means that if your parlay is winning your payout will be much larger than it would have been if you had bet on each event individually.

Now, the parlays can be of different amounts of events. You can do a 5-pick parlay or a 10-pick parlay. The difference is that the more picks your parlay has, the bigger your winnings will be.

To win your, all of your single bets must win. Therefore, if you parlay has 5 selections, and one of them resulted in a loss, your entire combined bet will be considered as lost.

The main advantage of placing parlays is that you can win a lot more money than with a simple bet. By using Parlays on the House, you can place bets on some of the biggest events in the sporting world faster. We load the selections of the week and you simply choose the parlay that you like the most.

The options are extremely wide since depending on what bets you make, what championship you choose and how many selections the parlay has, it will be the value of your winnings. If, for example, you choose one of our Parlays on the House selections from one of the biggest championships in the world, your betting limit can be higher, so if you place a big bet you will get a big win. On the other hand, if the odds are very high, your possible earnings will increase proportionally

Placing a parlay using Parlays on the House is very easy. You simply have to choose the parlay you like the most from our pre-built selections and enter your stake amount. Then click on "Bet". Once this happens you will be redirected to the Sports area of our site where the pre-assembled parlay will appear on your Bet Slip with the amount already entered. Just make sure everything is okay and confirm your bet.

In your favorite sports! Whether you are from Argentina, Peru, Chile or Mexico there are options for you to bet with Parlays on the House. Our specialists will take care of preparing the most interesting parleys so that you never lack fun and challenging options. We can include NFL, basketball, baseball and many more. Of course, we will never forget about football, one of the most important sports of our continent.

We all have our favorite sport, perhaps yours is the NFL, and we are sure that, if this is the case, you will not be short of options to have fun with Parlays on the House. However, football parlays are some of the most successful ones. Why? Well, the reality is that football is one of the most important sports in Latin America. The amount of important championships will give us extremely interesting and fun combinations for you to play with Parlays on the House.

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