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In this article, we detail everything our Bodogers need to understand when accessing our bonuses and promotions.
One term you should have in mind: Rollover.

When we talk about Rollover, we refer to a total amount that you must reach to collect the money generated by the Bonus, your balance, or any type of winnings.
Each Bonus has a different Rollover, so it's always convenient to take a look at the terms and conditions found on each Bonus page.

Casino Rollover

Casino Rollover Examples

Casino Welcome Bonus

Sports Rollover

Sports Rollover Examples

Sports Welcome Bonus

Poker Rollover

Poker Rollover Examples

Poker Welcome Bonus

General Conditions

Conditions applicable to all bonuses

Casino Rollover

These are some of the most important things about the Rollover of Casino Bodog.
Bonus money cannot be used on games with progressive prizes (or jackpots). Therefore, games with progressive jackpots can only be played with real money.
Games contribute to fulfilling the Rollover at different percentages.
In the following table, you can see how each type of game or bet contributes to generating the Rollover.

Bet Contribution Contribution percentage
Slots, Bingo 100%
Live Casino, Table Games 10%
Arcade, Crash Games* 0%
Virtual Sports, mini games, video Poker, Craps* 0%
Jackpot Games, Progressive Games and Feature Buy Options* 0%
Bet Contribution
Slots, Bingo
Live Casino, Table Games
Arcade, Crash Games*
Virtual Sports, mini games, video Poker, Craps*
Jackpot Games, Progressive Games and Feature Buy Options*
Contribution percentage

*These games do not apply to Rollover on any of the Bonuses.

Casino Rollover Examples

If you bet USD 500 on a slot, you will contribute USD 500 or 100% of your bet to fulfill the Rollover.
If you bet USD 500 on a Blackjack game, you will contribute USD 50 or 10% of your bet amount to the Rollover.
On the other hand, if you bet USD 500 on Live Dealer or a jackpot game, you will not contribute anything (USD 0 or 0%) towards meeting the Rollover requirements.

Up to USD 1500 Bonus to play at the Casino

You can get a Welcome Bonus to play at the Casino with your first three deposits. Just follow these steps:

The Bonus includes:
• 100% of your first three deposits

Bonus details:
100% up to USD 500 on the first three deposits.
Rollover 30x (deposit + bonus amount).
Sports bets do not count towards the Rollover. Virtual Sports, Mini Games, Video Poker, Crash Games, Craps, and games with Jackpots do not count towards the Rollover. Live Casino, Table Games 10%, Arcade 5%, Slots, Bingo 100%. Standard Terms and Conditions apply.
If you want to learn more about this Bonus, follow this link.

Sports Rollover

The Sports Rollover has certain characteristics that we will explain below.
In winning bets, the lower value between the bet amount and the winnings amount will be considered for Rollover. On the other hand, in losing bets, the bet amount will be taken into account for the Rollover requirements.
Other bets, those that are neither winning nor losing, do not count towards Rollover. These include canceled bets, bets with Cashout, and/or any others whose outcome cannot be determined.

Sports Rollover Example

If you place a USD 100 bet on a team with odds of 1.01, the amount at risk will be USD 100, with a potential profit of USD 1. Therefore, the applicable value for the Rollover requirements is USD 1, as it is the lower value between the two. If you lose this bet, the amount considered will be your bet (USD 100).
Let's see another example with different values: if you bet USD 100 on a team with odds of 4.00, the amount you risk is USD 100 (the same as the previous bet), but the profit you generate this time is USD 300. In this case, the value taken into account for the Rollover is USD 100, whether you win or lose the bet.

Up to USD 30 Bonus to play Sports

You can get a Welcome Bonus to play Sports with your first deposit, just follow these steps:

The Bonus includes:
100% of your next deposit

Bonus Details:
Only for the first deposit. 100% bonus up to USD 30.
Rollover x7 Sports, x30 Casino.
The Sports Welcome Bonus will not be valid for deposits made with Credits, Vouchers, EcoPayz, and Astropay Card.
Standard Terms and Conditions apply.
If you want to learn more about this Bonus, follow this link.

Poker Rollover

In Poker, the Rollover is generated before receiving the Bonus. Here's how it works.
For every dollar of Rake, you generate 15 Coins and need to collect 150 Coins to get a USD 5 Bonus. This Bonus amount is automatically converted into real money, as the Rollover condition occurs before your participation in the Bonus.

In the case of Cash tables (cash games), a Rake is assigned to each player in different hands, depending on their individual contribution to the pot. From hand to hand, you will accumulate Rakes, just like in regular tournaments: for every dollar, you generate 15 Coins and you have to collect 150 to get a USD 5 Bonus.

The Rake is the commission that the game administrator receives from each player, whether in a tournament or Cash table.
Jackpot Sit & Go tournaments are not considered for Coin collection.

Poker Rollover Examples

As explained above, if you enter a tournament with a USD 10 + USD 1 Buy-in, the amount taken to generate Coins is USD 1, and precisely, with one dollar of Rake, 15 Coins are generated. If you play 10 tournaments like this, you can reach 150 Coins and unlock USD 5.

In an example of Cash tables, let's consider a table with 4 players:
Player A - contributes with USD 10
Player B - contributes with USD 20
Player C - contributes with USD 35
Player D - contributes with USD 35
The total pot is USD 100. The Rake depends on the limits and the number of seated players at the table. But let's assume that USD 2 of Rake was generated.

The distribution of these USD 2 will be:
10% is assigned to player A = USD 0.2 * 15 = 3 Coins.
20% is assigned to player B = USD 0.4 * 15 = 6 Coins.
35% is assigned to player C = USD 0.7 * 15 = 10.5 Coins.
35% is assigned to player D = USD 0.7 * 15 = 10.5 Coins.

Up to USD 1.000 Bonus and additional perks to play Poker

100% Welcome Bonus up to USD 1,000 on the first deposit.

Deposits made through Vouchers are not considered to receive the Poker Welcome Bonus. The maximum total bonus is USD 1,000.

The unlocking of the Poker Bonus depends on the Coins generated within 30 days after the selected deposit.

Bonuses will be unlocked in USD 5 increments for every 150 Reward Coins earned in Poker.

Earn points and redeem them:
- Cash Games: 15 Coins for every USD 1 of Rake.
- MTT and Sit & Go Tournaments: 15 Coins for every USD 1 of Fee.
- Jackpot Sit & Go Tournaments: do not count towards earning Coins.
- The ticket for the Free $10,000 will be credited on the Friday prior to the tournament day. Remember, it’s necessary to make the deposit before the crediting, so you can participate.
The tickets are not cumulative and cannot be converted into cash.

The 50 Free Spins are for the game 777 Deluxe. They have a maximum winning limit of USD 10, which is paid as a Bonus. This Bonus can be used in any casino game that does not have a Bonus exclusion.

The winnings generated with Free Spins will be credited as Bonuses and, in order to withdraw them, it is necessary to comply with the Rollover rule (deposit + bonus x30 in the Casino).

General Conditions

When the Bonus is linked to a deposit, it will be considered for Rollover up to the maximum value of the received Bonus. This means that if the Bonus has a maximum of around USD 100, no matter how much the player deposits, the value taken into account will be USD 100.

Unless otherwise stated in the Terms and Conditions of a promotion, activity, or game, any type of bonus credited to your account (as a prize or otherwise) will be subject to the site's Rollover requirements:

● Welcome Bonuses in Sports, 2nd and 3rd deposits: 7x
● Other Sports betting bonuses: 5x
● Casino Bonuses: 30x

It is important to remember that all bonus programs are exclusively directed towards recreational bettors. Therefore, players considered professionals will be abusing the Bodog bonus system and will be subject to penalties such as revoked bonuses, among others.
Bonus abuse can occur when (but not limited to) a customer improperly takes advantage of offers, such as redepositing or creating multiple accounts in the same person's name. Some of the penalties for this type of conduct may include increased Rollover requirements or loss of account privileges and any other linked accounts.
That being said, we reserve the right to restrict and control eligibility for offers and bonuses, if necessary. In such cases, geographical restrictions may be applied, among other things.
In cases where a Bonus is related to a deposit, its value will be added to the Bonus amount to be included in the Rollover.
In cases where renewal criteria or other types of criteria indicated in the terms and conditions of individual Bonuses or promotions are not met within the following 6 months, all remaining bonus funds in the player's account and the profits associated with that Bonus will be considered lost.
If you forfeit a Bonus, for any reason, both the bonus and any winnings from it will be removed from your account.
It is highly recommended to carefully review and take note of the terms and conditions associated with each promotion, bonus, or activity.

Conditions applicable to all bonuses

1. Bonus Application: each bonus granted at the discretion of Bodog is limited to one per person, address, mailing address, email address, deposit method, bank account, phone number, computer/device, and/or IP address..

2. Welcome Bonus: the so-called "Welcome" bonuses are granted and are exclusively available to new customers who register for the first time. At Bodog's discretion, "Welcome" bonuses may be granted to customers through promotional campaigns offered exclusively on the website.

3. Bonus Requirements: bonuses are subject to specific wagering and withdrawal requirements that must be met within the specified period before any withdrawal request is approved. The wagering requirements for a bonus are based on the total value of bets that must be placed before the bonus and any winnings are transferred to your real balance and can be withdrawn.
The total value of the Bonus + the deposit amount must be wagered (Rollover) at least 7 times in Sports and/or at least 30 times at the Casino.
The deposited amount will remain locked until the Bonus amount is unlocked. Contributions to Casino bets to fulfill the wagering requirements for our Bonus are as follows:

Bet Contribution Contribution percentage
Slots, Bingo 100%
Live Casino, Table Games 10%
Arcade, Crash Games* 0%
Virtual Sports, mini games, video Poker, Craps* 0%
Jackpot Games, Progressive Games and Feature Buy Options* 0%
Bet Contribution
Slots, Bingo
Live Casino, Table Games
Arcade, Crash Games*
Virtual Sports, mini games, video Poker, Craps*
Jackpot Games, Progressive Games and Feature Buy Options*
Contribution percentage

The wagering requirements for each Bonus are specified in the specific terms of the granted Bonus and will be expressed as a multiple of the Bonus amount or the Bonus + deposit amount, with a timeframe within which the amount must be wagered.
Failure to meet the wagering or withdrawal requirements and/or forfeiture of an active Bonus for any reason may result in the loss of all winnings generated during the Bonus wagering process. Any attempt to withdraw funds or cash out any bets made before the Bonus wagering requirement is fulfilled may result in the loss of the Bonus and any winnings obtained.
To receive the bonus, the user must comply with the minimum deposit requirement of USD 10

4. Bonus Cancellation: all Bonuses can be canceled by the player at any time. This procedure must be carried out by the player in their account, in the "Bonuses" section and "Forfeit bonus". If you decide to cancel or forfeit the Bonus at any time before the wagering and withdrawal requirements are met, all funds generated by the Bonus (including the Bonus itself) will be revoked and cannot be restored. You can find the details of applicable restrictions in the specific terms of each promotion.

5. Risk-Free Bets: if there is any evidence or justifiable suspicion that specific bets have been placed on any game (e.g., betting proportionally on different outcomes in the same hand to create "action") without risk, they will not count towards any wagering or withdrawal requirements. Examples of risk-free bets include simultaneously betting on red and black in roulette and simultaneously betting on player and banker in baccarat. If it is discovered that you are colluding with other players, for example, one person betting on player and another on banker, your bets will be voided, your account will be terminated, and you may lose all deposits made.

6. Bonus Forfeiture: if, for any reason, we have evidence or reasonable suspicion that any Bonus you have used (whether alone or in combination) may provide you with guaranteed, enhanced, or unfair benefits, Bodog may withdraw the Bonus and/or any winnings generated by the Bonus at its sole discretion. Additionally, any remaining balance in the account may be removed, and the account may be terminated.

7. Proper Use of Bonuses: bonuses are intended solely for players accessing the site for recreational and entertainment purposes and are privileges granted by Bodog to players for their exclusive use. Bodog reserves the right to impose restrictions (partial or total) if necessary, including (but not limited to) evidence or reasonable suspicion of Bonus abuse.

8. Bonus Rights: we reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to deny, limit, modify, and/or cancel any Bonus awarded (or to be awarded) to any player if we consider that:
a. Bonus is being misused (our interpretation of abuse includes, but is not limited to, a player taking advantage of promotional offers without risking their own funds).
b. There have been technical difficulties related to the bonus.
c. For some reason, the bonus cannot be used as intended.

9. Abuse Prevention: we offer promotional offers for players who use our services for entertainment and recreational purposes only. We reserve the right to cancel or withdraw a player's access to any game and/or platform in case of suspected misuse (whether of a Bonus or otherwise) and may take further measures such as account termination.
If an account is terminated due to misuse (whether of a Bonus or otherwise), Bodog will not refund or restore any funds or losses that the player may have had on any of the platforms they used. Bodog considers "misuse" to include (but not limited to) using the Software and/or opening multiple accounts to gain unfair advantage of a Bonus.
In all cases of misuse, we reserve the right to with hold all winnings and any remaining balance in your account.

If, for any reason, Bodog has evidence or reasonable suspicion of Bonus misuse and/or the Bonus terms are being violated, we may take the following actions:
a. Remove and/or cancel any Bonuses and Bonus winnings that we believe have been obtained through the misuse of the system.
b. Players caught abusing offers may be excluded from receiving future Bonuses.
c. The player's account may be terminated.
A list of what may be considered misuse includes, but is not limited to:
a. Using more than one account.
b. Making a new deposit using a previously used Bonus or depositing over an available balance.
c. Betting with equal, zero, or low margin.
d. Betting with Bonus on excluded games.
e. Collusion or fraud.
f. Software manipulation, exploiting technicalities, or other technical forms of misuse, as well as other behaviors equivalent to cheating.
g. Hiding the IP address or using a VPN.
h. Using the Bonus in violation of any of the other included terms of service. Chapter title: "Abuse Prevention".

10. Betting Limitations: unless otherwise stated on the main Bonus page, all Bonuses are subject to a maximum betting limitation in relation to the deposit amount. Failure to comply with this "maximum bet rule" may result in account closure, Bonus removal and any winnings obtained during Bonus wagering. Any bets using deposited or bonus funds prior to completing the Bonus are subject to the following limits:
a. Maximum risk per bet in Casino - 20% of the deposited amount
b. Maximum risk per bet for Sports - 50% of the deposited amount

11. Balance Parking Violation: We consider it an unacceptable and prohibited practice to request any type of Bonus, whether welcome or promotional, and then place bets with the sole intention of "separating" or "parking" real money. This tactic, which prevents the legitimate use of deposited funds and only puts the Bonus balance at risk for Casino games, is classified as an improper form of violating the Bonus usage rules. At Bodog, we reserve the right to review all bets and transactions for this type of behavior. In case of detecting a violation of this rule, we may take immediate action, including canceling the Bonus, excluding any bonus offers and of the rewards program, voiding any winnings from the Bonus and closing the player's account, without the right to a refund of the balance or deposits made.
At Bodog, we reserve the right to review all bets and transactions for this type of behavior. In case a violation of this rule is detected, we will take immediate action, which may include canceling the Bonus, removing all winnings derived from the Bonus, and canceling the player's account without the right to a refund of the balance or deposits made.

12. Irregular Gambling and Penalties: We reserve the right to conduct periodic reviews of all records, plays, and transactions in order to monitor and evaluate the utilization of any granted bonuses.
If Bodog has reason to believe that any activity is suspicious and violates the terms, we reserve the right to disqualify you from any free rounds, bonus, promotion, deposit, wins, and/or terminate the account.
Irregular gambling is considered misuse of the Bonus and is not allowed on the site. Irregular gambling may include (but is not limited to) low-margin bets, even-money bets, risk-free bets, and cover bet.
Irregular plays occur when they are intentionally made to take advantage of bonuses. Additionally, the following forms of gambling are also considered irregular:
a. a. Increasing the balance and significantly altering your gameplay pattern (risk, game type, betting structure, or other betting patterns) to meet any bonus wagering requirement.
i. i. Switching from a low-weighted game (table games) to a high-weighted game (Slots or specialty games).
ii. ii. Two-tier betting (where large bets are placed on a wide range of outcomes before switching to a normal range of outcomes to bypass wagering requirements).
iii. iii. Increasing your balance after making high-value bets and then making bets of less than half the value of the previous bet to meet bonus wagering requirements.
b. b. All-in bets in "All or Nothing" style using deposited funds and bonus funds with the aim of taking advantage of withdrawal requirements.
c. c. Using any betting system or making equal value bets on any betting game.
d. d. Using the "Double Up" feature or betting on a game to increase the value of winnings.
e. e. Betting on games that do not contribute to the wagering requirements or games with a 0% weight as indicated in the specific Bonus terms on the main page.
f. f. Betting on games using bonus money to increase the balance, forfeiting the bonus, and then making a second deposit to cash out the increased balance.

13. Bonus Combination Restrictions: we do not allow the combination of no deposit bonuses (e.g., Free Chips, Free Spins, refunds/insurance bonuses, etc.) with deposits. If a deposit is made while a No Deposit Bonus is active, the wagering requirements and maximum withdrawal limit of the No Deposit Bonus will still apply. The deposit amount will be credited to your balance; however, it will not be considered active for betting, and any winnings obtained will be subject to the wagering requirements and maximum withdrawal limit of the No Deposit Bonus until your balance is equal to or less than the deposit amount, plus any existing balance before redeeming the Bonus.

14. Free Bonus Redemption Rules: free Bonuses cannot be redeemed consecutively. If you redeem a No Deposit Bonus, you must make a real deposit before being eligible to redeem a second No Deposit Bonus. Redeeming two or more consecutive no deposit bonuses may result in the removal of subsequent winnings.

15. Bonus Funds Usage Restrictions: bonus funds cannot be used to play:
a. Virtual Sports
b. Mini Games
c. Video Poker
d. Craps
e. Jackpot games with feature buy options
f. Arcade
g. Crash Games

16. Bonus Redemption Rules: Bodog may offer Deposit Bonus to its players. Each and every Bonus will apply the specific rules of that offer. If no specific rules are specified in the promotion, the Bonus will apply the same Rollover rule as the Welcome Bonus.

17. Usage Quantity: all Bonuses can be used only once. For Bonuses that are available to be used more than once, this option will be explicitly stated in the promotion itself or its Terms and Conditions.

18. Expiration: all Bonuses have their validity explicitly stated in the promotion or active Bonus Terms and Conditions. When accessing your account, you will find the Bonus validity in the 'Bonuses' section. This expiration date must be respected, as the Bonus will only not expire if the player has unlocked the Bonus by fulfilling its Rollover requirements within the deadlines established in the promotion. If the Bonus has expired, its value cannot be reactivated or compensated, and consequently, all winnings obtained will also be canceled.

19. Promotion Period: promotion Bonuses must be redeemed during the validity period established in the specific promotion rules. Bonuses corresponding to closed and no longer valid promotions will not be credited. All promotions are subject to expiration according to their Terms and Conditions. If a promotion has expired, Bodog reserves the right not to apply it or make it available to the player.

20. Bonus Betting: If a player places a future bet with a Bonus and wins, the Bonus must be active (within the expiration date) in order to receive any winnings from that bet. Alternatively, the player must have fulfilled the Rollover requirements within the specified promotion deadlines to unlock the Bonus. If the bet is settled after the Bonus has expired, the player will not receive the corresponding balance for that bet, as the Bonus will no longer be valid.

21. Virtual Sports: no Virtual Sports game contributes to Rollover fulfillment. Additionally, no Bonus is allowed to be used in Virtual Sports games.

22. Abuse of Bonus Programs: our bonus programs are designed for recreational players. Professional players or those who, at our sole discretion, abuse the bonus system in any way, may have their bonuses revoked and be subject to additional penalties.
Bonus abuse may include, but is not limited to, customers depositing solely for the purpose of receiving more bonuses, depositing into an already existing balance, referring to new accounts that they themselves use, or creating accounts on behalf of third parties to obtain bonuses.
The use of multiple accounts by one or more individuals to obtain bonuses in an organized and indiscriminate manner is prohibited. Each player is entitled to only one exclusive bonus, intended for entertainment purposes. Violations of this rule may result in penalties such as higher Rollover requirements, account closure, balance retention, or loss of bonus privileges on all related accounts.
We reserve the right to restrict eligibility for special offers and bonuses when necessary, including by imposing geographic restrictions to prevent bonus abuse.

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