Bonus Terms and Conditions


We’re here to review some of the most important things about the terms and conditions of a bonus, promotion or any type of incentive. Let’s start with the rollover, one of the most important things to take into consideration when applying for a bonus or taking part of a promotion.

The rollover is the total value you need to reach in order to collect the money generated by your bonus, the money in your account or any other type of winnings. To check the rollover requirements, take a look at the terms and conditions of each bonus or in the “Bonus” page. There, you’ll see a list with all available bonuses for you and their respective rollover requirements.

Rollover in Casino

When you get a bonus or an exclusive promotion it is essential that you consider that the money given to you through these methods needs to be used in the site before attempting to withdraw it. This means that you need to bet or play that money before you can take it home.

On another note, both Casino and Sports, have different types of rollover requirements. However, the concept remains the same. Once you understand how this works you’ll be completely covered!

Bet Contribution

Contribution percentage

Slots, Bingo 100%
Live Casino, Table Games 10%
Arcade 5%
Virtual Sports, Mini games, Video Poker, Craps 0%
Jackpot Games and with Buy Feature 0%

These are some of the most important things about rollover in Casino. Bonus money can’t be used in certain types of games such as progressives (jackpot). Therefore, games with progressive prizes can only be played with real money. All casino games contribute in different percentages to the rollover requirements:

Rollover example in Casino

If you play USD 500 in a slot, you’ll contribute for the rollover requirements with USD 500 (the 100% of the value of your bet).

If you play USD 500 in a Blackjack game, you’ll contribute for the rollover requirements with USD 50 (the 10% of the value of your bet).

On the other hand, if you play USD 500 in Live Dealer or in a jackpot game, you won’t be contributing to the rollover requirements at all (USD 0, 0%).

Rollover in Sports

As we were saying, rollover is different in Casino and Sports but it still has some common conditions and characteristics. The conditions for the rollover compliance in Sports takes into consideration the lowest value between your bet and the winnings generated by it. If you happen to lose that bet, the considered value for the rollover compliance is the value of the bet. On the other side, if your bet is voided or if you request Cashout , it won’t contribute to the rollover compliance. All bets (excluding voided ones) contribute to the rollover requirements.

Rollover example in Sports

If you bet USD 100 on a team that has an odd of 1.01, the risk value is 100% and the profit is USD 1. In this case, the lower value is applied for the fulfillment of this rollover: USD 1. In case you lose the bet, the risk value is applied to the rollover compliance, that is, USD 100.

A different situation would be if you made a USD 100 bet on a team that has an odd of 4.00. The risked amount would be of USD 100 while the profit of USD 300. The value applied for the rollover compliance would be of USD 100, either winning or losing the bet.

Rollover in Virtual Sports

In Virtual Sports, no game contributes to Rollover compliance. Also, it will not be possible to play with bonus in Virtual Sports games.

General conditions:

When the bonus is linked to a deposit, the deposit will be taken into consideration for the rollover fulfillment taking into account the bonus’ maximum value. This means that if the bonus maximum value is of USD 100 and you made a bigger deposit the value that will be considered for the rollover is USD 100.

Unless stated otherwise in the terms and conditions of a given promotion, game or activity of any kind, any type of bonus credited in your account will be subjected to the rollover requirements of Bodog:

Sports Welcome Bonus, 2nd deposit offer, 3rd deposit offer: 7x
Other bonuses for sports betting: 5x
Casino Bonus: 30x

It’s important for us to tell you that all bonus and promotions are for recreational users only. Thus, the users and players we consider, by our sole discretion, as professionals, will be abusing the bonus system and can be subjected to penalties such as revoked bonuses. Bonus abuse can be determined as (but it’s not limited to) situations where a client quotes for the purpose of re-depositing or referring new accounts that himself is using. Some of the penalties for this type of users may be the increase in rollover requirements or the loss of privileges of their account and any other linked account. With that being said, Bodog reserves its right to restrict and control the eligibility for offers and bonuses if necessary. In these cases, geographical restrictions may apply among other things.

In case the bonus is associated to a deposit, its value will be added to the bonus value to be included in the rollover fulfillment.

In the case that the renewal requirements or any other type of requirement stated in the terms and conditions of a bonus or offer are not met within the first 6 months, all bonus funds left in the user’s account and the winnings associated with them will be voided.

If you happen to lose a bonus, for any reason, both the bonus and the profit made with it will be eliminated from your account.

We highly recommend for you to check the Terms and Conditions of each promotion for more details.

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