Early release of Boleto

Boleto Bancario


In Bodog, you can play as soon as possible if you made your deposit with Boleto. Therefore, we can check if it is possible to release your Boletos in advance! Accessing this benefit is very simple:

  1. Generate a Boleto.
  2. Pay it using the method you want
  3. Access our Live Chat and attach the receipt of payment of the bill. Please make sure that the barcode, payment date and amount are legible.
  4. Wait for our answer confirming the approval of the early release.
  5. If the system approves your order, you will have your money automatically credited in your account.

Know the Terms and Conditions for this benefit.

  1. The early release of credits is only valid for Boleto. The other payment methods do not have this benefit.
  2. To access this benefit, the user will not be able to have anticipated releases of Boleto without confirming.
  3. In the first deposit a maximum of R$400/100 USD will be released. From the second deposit, we will release up to R$1,500/ USD 400.
  4. The user must send the Boleto and the proof of payment to: boleto@bodog.com or if you prefer you can access our chat (putting in Reason for Service: Boleto), super fast and simple!
  5. It will not be made the release of the credits in advance if:
    - The system of release of Boleto does not accept the advance payment, because this type of release is subject to prior approval of the system. In this case, it will be necessary to wait for the normal compensation of the payment, which is 1 working day after the payment is made.
    - If the Boleto has with the payment date scheduled, this type of payment does not count with the benefit of early release.
  6. Bodog has the right to:
    - Invalidate any document that does not meet the necessary requirements. In this case, the anticipation of the credits will not be carried out.
    - Cancel this benefit if the user detects any fraudulent action.
    - Cancel or change the Terms and Conditions at any time without notice, as well as to exclude from the promotion those users who do not meet the necessary requirements or documents required.

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