Veronica Hardy vs Jamey-Lyn Horth Wessels

UFC - UFC Fight Night: Dariush vs Tsarukyan

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Método alternativo de vitória

Ambos devem lutar para validar.

Método alternativo de vitória 2

Método de vitória

Ambos devem lutar para validar.

Round e método de vitória

Chance dupla

Especiais de round

Total de rounds mais de/menos de

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  • 1.5
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Luta terá 1 round completo

Ambos devem lutar para validar.

Apostas nos Rounds

Ambos devem lutar para validar.

Especiais de luta

A luta completará o total de rounds?

Quando irá terminar a luta?


Squares Game (nocaute / nocaute técnico / finalização)

If the fight goes to a decision or if there is a stoppage between rounds, all bets will be no action. The winning selection will be determined by the number of Seconds digits elapsed at the time the fight ends in that Round. For example if the fight ends due to a KO/TKO/Submission stoppage after 1:53 of the 3rd Round, then 53 will be deemed the winner. will be used for settlement purposes.

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