UEFA Champions League Betting

UEFA Champions League Betting

Bet on UEFA Champions League Online on Bodog

The UEFA Champions League is one of the most popular football tournaments in the world. A premier tournament in European football, the league has always caught the attention of betting fans.

Whether it’s because of a breakout player’s performance or a surprise UEFA Champions League final match, the betting scenario continues to be dynamic and exciting. Bodog acts as a perfect medium for sports bettors to experience that excitement online, anywhere in the world. Go ahead and sign up to Bodog now to participate in exciting UEFA online betting in India.

How to Bet on UEFA Champions League Matches on Bodog

This is how players can bet on UEFA league matches online on Bodog:

  • Click on the sports tab on the home page’s top navigation bar. Select UEFA Champions League as an option in the ‘Quick Links’ section. You can use the search bar to find available matches to bet on from the upcoming season.
  • Once you have selected a match, take your pick from various bets. Popular options include Points Spread, Totals, and Props bets. You can even select multiple matches or outcomes to create a parlay bet.
  • The results will be declared once the match is over. You can check the active wagers in the ‘open bets’ section on the same page.
  • If you win a bet, you can collect your winnings from your Bodog wallet using a four-digit security pin. The money can be withdrawn through multiple payment methods.

Why Bet on UEFA Champions League Matches at Bodog?

Bodog provides some of the most expansive online betting opportunities when it comes to the UEFA Champions League. Apart from the straightforward points spread bets, there are other individual bets that users can profit from.

Players can earn extra credits by using the Bodog Affiliate and referral programs, while also bringing more users on board.

The deposit and withdrawal system on Bodog are designed for swift and secure transactions. Users can choose between multiple payment platforms such as Visa, Mastercard, and Bitcoin, among others.

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Tips for Betting on UEFA Champions League games

Given below are points to consider before placing bets on UEFA Champions League games:

  • Research - This aspect forms the backbone of all betting strategies. When it comes to betting on UEFA games, in particular, focus on gathering information on team rosters, individual players as well as team performances from recent years.
  • Analysis - Research is always incomplete without the right approach to analysis. For example, bettors must first lookout for consistent performances in terms of players and teams to decide their safe bets. The bettors should also keep track of past upsets in UEFA history.

A Brief History of the UEFA Champions League

The UEFA Champions League originally began as the European Champion Clubs' Cup in 1955. Originally only one premier club from each national championship could enter this knockout tournament at a time. However, in 1992 the round-robin format was introduced to enable multiple entries from individual countries.

Currently, the league follows a double round-robin format where 32 teams compete against each other. Out of the 32 teams, 8 group winners and 8 runners-up teams emerge as contenders for the knockout phase.

For the teams that don’t make the UEFA Champions League their journey doesn’t end as they move on to compete in the UEFA Europa League.

Interesting Trivia about UEFA Champions League

Listed below are some fun trivia about UEFA Champions League -

  • Real Madrid has won the tournament 13 times, a record in UEFA history. Only 22 other teams have won the tournament since its inception in 1955.
  • The UEFA Badge of Honor is awarded to any club that wins a fifth Champions League title or achieves three consecutive wins. Barcelona, Real Madrid, AC Milan, Bayern, Liverpool, and Ajax have received the UEFA Badge of Honor in the past.

UEFA Champions League - The Types of Bets That Can be Placed on Bodog

Here are the different types of bets you can place on various UEFA Champions League results at Bodog:

  • Moneyline - where the chosen team must win the game
  • Point Spread - the selected team must win a match by a predetermined number of goals. Players can also place bets on a team’s loss by a pre-estimated number of goals.
  • Totals - bets placed on the total number of goals scored within a match. It includes the scores of both the teams.
  • Props - betting on specific outcomes within a match. For example, anticipating a goal at the 15-minute mark, estimating the correct score in a match, etc.
  • Parlay - this bet involves wagers on various games. All teams included in the wager must win in the selected matches for a successful parlay bet.
  • Future - this bet involves outcomes that will only occur in the distant future

Online Champions League Betting

Football Betting Glossary - Terms to Remember

Here are a few terms that football betting fans should remember:

  • Wager: it is a commonly used alternative for ‘bets’.
  • Odds: the probability of an event occurring in a match. This unit is used to decide the possible payout from a bet.
  • Spread: odds used to establish betting criteria based on the possible football scores in a match.
  • Handicap: when one team receives a virtual head start in betting over the other. This scenario often comes into play when a match between two favourite teams is underway.
  • Bookmaker: an entity that sets the odds for a match. Said entity is also in charge of accepting and paying out bets.
  • Sportsbook: a platform that offers sports betting opportunities.
  • Cover: the result of a points spread bet.
  • Bankroll: a set amount of money used in bets.
  • Chalk: the team favoured by the sportsbook to win a match.
  • Runner: an individual placing bets for someone else.
  • Square: a casual gambler whose wagers are not backed by reasoning.
  • Sharp: a professional bettor who relies on experience-driven reasoning and strategies.

UEFA Champions League - Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which team has won the most UEFA Champions League titles?

Real Madrid has won the most UEFA Champions League titles with 13 victories. AC Milan comes second with 7 title wins.

2. Who are the highest UEFA Champions League scorers of all time?

Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 128 goals which is the most goals in the UEFA Champions League. Lionel Messi comes in at a close second position with 114 goals.

3. What's the difference between La Liga, EPL, and UEFA Champions League?

The Spanish La Liga and the English Premier League are region-specific tournaments. The UEFA Champions League, however, is a club competition that sees teams based across Europe compete against each other.

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