Explore Table Tennis Betting on Bodog

Table Tennis Betting

Explore Table Tennis Betting on Bodog

Table tennis betting is highly popular among a large number of fans all over the world. It is a game which is very popular in Asia, especially in China. Some of the well-known tournaments that generate keen interest among bettors are the Olympic Games, World Table Tennis Championship and the European Championship.

On Bodog, you can learn the rules and make a comparison of the best table tennis odds. You can also keep track of the current table tennis live score which is updated in the statistics section. A wide choice of national and international games gives players immense scope to experiment with strategies. Sign up now on Bodog and enjoy betting online on various sports, casino & poker games to win cash.

Getting Started with Table Tennis Betting on Bodog

Follow these steps when you want to place bets on a table tennis online game on Bodog:

  • Sign up or Log in - Register on Bodog by clicking on ‘Join’ if you are a newcomer or ‘Login’ if you are an existing player.
  • Pick Table Tennis Category - Click on the ‘Sports’ tab on the top banner of any Bodog page. From the list of sports, select the ‘Table Tennis’ option.
  • Select Tournament - Browse through the list of the regional, national and international tournaments to select the ones you wish to bet on. Wagers selected by you will be listed in the ‘open bets’ section of the page.
  • Place Bets - Place your bet on the result of the entire tournament or opt for prop bets (the bets on a specific phase of a game). The winning bet will be announced at the end of the event.
  • Withdraw winnings - Winnings can be encashed from your Bodog wallet through various modes of payment.

Why Bodog Qualifies as the Best Place for Betting on Table Tennis Online

Bodog is the top choice for table tennis betting online in India, and there is a good reason. The interface has a well-thought-out user-friendly design. The statistics section of Bodog lets you keep track of updated table tennis betting odds. You can also learn about upcoming matches to plan out your research. Players can also find tournament-specific bonuses too, which can boost their bank balance.

A substantial welcome bonus is offered to new account holders on Bodog. This can be used to try your hand at games of your choice to be able to grasp them better and win.

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Table Tennis Betting – Winning Tips

Here are some invaluable tips which will sharpen your betting senses for table tennis odds:

  • The grip a player uses to hold the racket is what you should look at while betting on table tennis. The different types of grips are shake-hand grip, shallow shake-hand, deep shake hand and penhold grip. These affect ball spin, wrist flexibility and control. So before placing a bet, you should be familiar with the grips of both players in a match.
  • Playing styles of the players have a huge effect on the betting side. This is because every athlete has a different set of strengths and weaknesses. These factors, when pitted against other athletes, determine the game's outcome.
  • Keeping a keen eye on the trends and player rankings will pay off well when it comes to live table tennis betting, in particular. For example, when a top-ranking player who has been on the decline or inactive plays against an upcoming athlete, the odds witness a significant change.
  • Seasoned bettors make plans much prior to big tournaments or games. Details such as the recent International Table Tennis Federation ratings, head-to-head match details and information on season’s favourites improve the chances of winning.
  • Familiarise yourself with the more important tournaments. The tournaments which are ranked lower are sure to have more surprises and odds for estimated winners are also different.

 Glossary – Table Tennis Terms that Help You Bet Better

  • Ace – This is when the serving player successfully hits a serve in the service box but the opponent does not touch it with the racket. This is worth one point in table tennis scoring.
  • Backhand – It is a type of shot in which the player’s hand is pointing towards the opponent. It refers to the left of the elbow for right-handed players and vice versa.
  • Backspin – A kind of spin that is usually used on defensive shots. When a player ‘chops down’ on the ball, it results in a backspin. The bottom of the ball moves away from the player.
  • Chop – A defensive response to a topspin stroke that is played with a backspin, moving it further away from the table.
  • Over Under Betting – It is a two-way bet in which your money rides on the actual number of sets or games played which is compared to the number offered by the sportsbook.
  • Set Winner – The term refers to a bet on the underdog who goes on to win the first set but loses the match.
  • In-Play Betting – A fast-paced form of betting that depends on the live ongoings of a match. This creates many opportunities to bet on matches or sets.
  • Double Results – This betting variation offers the chance of placing a bet on two different events, in a single match, at once.

Online Table Tennis Betting

Table Tennis Betting – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What should we pay attention to while betting on table tennis?

    The first thing to pay attention while betting is a player’s performance in recent matches as compared to the ranking. Secondly, thoroughly study the complete table tennis betting guide to grasp the odds. Lastly, know the playing styles of the athletes well to predict the likely outcomes of the pairing of various styles.

  2. Is it safe to bet online?

    In recent times, online betting has built a strong reputation to be a safe medium. Major payment gateways such as MasterCard, Visa, digital wallets and Bitcoin are all accepted which ensures the security of your winnings, as well as personal funds.

Play and Win More with Online Betting On Bodog

Bodog is one of the most reputed table tennis bookmakers with popular tournaments but there is more that awaits you. For example, you can explore card games such as Blackjack, American Roulette and online poker. You can even explore sports betting in games such as Cricket, Football, Badminton and more. The Bodog online casino, in particular, offers a wide variety of slot games too for you to bet on.

There are games available round the clock to play and win real cash on Bodog. Join Bodog right away to let your skills and luck lead the way!

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