Experience Online Sports Betting at its best on Bodog

Sports Betting

Experience Online Sports Betting at its best on Bodog

Sports betting, alongside online poker and casino games, have been swiftly climbing the popularity charts in recent times. This rise is nothing short of spectacular as the global sports betting market is expected to cross the $125 billion mark between 2019 and 2023. This can be linked to the growing acceptance of online sports betting as a game of skill. As a result, online betting on sports has become one of Bodog’s key niche games.

How to Play Games Involving Online Sports Betting

Online sports betting is similar to other types of betting. For example, concepts like American Odds, Decimal Odds, Moneyline, etc. are a part of sports betting too. Most rules of the classic games also apply to the online variant on betting sites in India.

On Bodog, users are expected to pick a match of their choice and place a bet on their favourite team. For example, in a Big Bash League match between Adelaide Strikers and Melbourne Stars, if the odds seem to favour the former, you can bet about ₹700 on the Adelaide team.

Players can use money from their Bodog accounts to make an entry to their bet slip. Once the results of the said match are declared, players receive the winning amount from the bet.

Deposits to a Bodog account for bets can be made through various payment gateways such as Visa, Mastercard, along with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. While you can bet an amount starting from ₹50, it is always advised to indulge in responsible gambling.

Why is Bodog the Best Sports Betting Site?

Bodog is the best sports betting site because it features games from the most popular tournaments globally, such as the English Premier League and the Super Bowl. The world of sports is as diverse as it gets now; That is why Bodog has stepped up its range of games and events to surpass that of other sports betting sites in India and abroad.

To welcome new users of Bodog with open arms, we offer a lucrative welcome bonus of up to ₹10,000 with a 5x rollover (keep 5 times the initial deposit amount at stake). This way, new users get a brilliant head start into the fun-filled journey of sports betting on Bodog.

To learn about the range of games available in the sports betting category on Bodog, check out the following list:

  1. Cricket
  2. Hockey
  3. Soccer
  4. Football
  5. Badminton
  6. Tennis
  7. Volleyball
  8. Basketball
  9. Table Tennis
  10. Baseball
  11. Golf
  12. Cycling

With so many events spread across the calendar year, sports betting provides ample opportunity to make money while having fun playing. Imagine this: investing ₹700 on a team in an Ashes match can lead to an engaging cricket betting opportunity that spans the course of the Test match. In a scenario where you do not win, the loss will amount to a mere ₹850, which is cheaper than an actual ticket to the said games.

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Tips to Improve Sports Betting Strategies

Have a look at these tips listed below that can help improve sports betting strategies -

  • Create a dedicated bankroll - You can bet on multiple sports online nowadays. But it is easy to lose track of the money spent in the process. To ensure consistent and healthy betting, it is recommended to maintain dedicated bankrolls for each sport.
  • Track Player or Team Performances - Observing and analyzing team or player performances from recent performances can give a certain idea on how they could perform in future matches. But use this data to create a diverse plan rather than focus on just one aspect or player to improve the scope of winning bets.
  • Keep note of external factors - Many external factors can affect a match’s outcome. Some of them include - injuries, weather changes, team changes etc. Such changes can be an effect on the overall bets placed. That is why it is best to practice caution and keep yourself informed.

Popular Sports Categories that you can bet on

Listed below are some popular sports categories on Bodog to consider for betting -

  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Badminton
  • Golf
  • Hockey

Glossary - Phrases Every Sports Betting Enthusiast Should be Aware of

There are always some terms that can throw a person off when playing games online. With a large number of players exploring sports betting sites, this gap in information can prove to be costly. With that in mind, here is a list of key phrases that those new to sports betting can benefit from:

  • Bettor – a person who bets on sports
  • Square - someone new to betting
  • Underdog - a team or individual expected to lose a sporting event
  • Wiseguy - a well-informed and knowledgeable bettor
  • Action - this refers to the number of bets placed on a game or sporting event.
  • Bad Beat – a loss that appears to be a winning scenario initially
  • Book – also known as a sportsbook, is a platform that accepts wagers for sports matches
  • Favourite – the team or individual expected to win a sporting event
  • Futures – a bet on a sporting event that will take place in the future, sometimes months away
  • Parlay – a bet where multiple sporting events are selected. To pay off the parley wager, the player must win in each of the events

Online Sports Betting

Online Sports Betting Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do sports betting work?

    In sports betting, odds are generated by bookmakers to show the possible outcome of a game or event. Odds also help specify the profit a player can earn when betting on a game. On the basis of these points and their knowledge, players place a sports bet. Depending on the outcome of the game, you win or lose money on the bet.

  2. Are sports betting sites legal?

    In many countries including India, offline sports betting is still an illegal activity. However, online sports betting in India is legal as there is no law stating the contrary. This has been one of the reasons behind the spectacular growth of betting sites in India.

  3. Can sports betting be profitable?

    Yes, it can be. Just like with card games, practice and clever strategizing are key to winning online bets. Hence, one should play regularly to develop one’s skills, while maintaining the limits of responsible gambling.

Explore Sports Betting in India with Bodog

Whether you are looking to try your hand at cricket betting or any other sport, Bodog promises a cutting-edge gaming environment that caters to the diverse needs of sports enthusiasts. In addition to the wide range of games in the sports categories, players can also diversify their skills with online casino and poker.

At the same time, Bodog encourages responsible gambling while avoiding a dependency of any kind. It can safely be said that Bodog features everything one seeks from online betting sites and works towards building fun and healthy playing environment. Sign up right away to enrich your betting experience with our vast world of sports at your fingertips.

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