Cash Out: The Ultimate Tutorial

Cash Out: The Ultimate Tutorial

Cash Out is available for bets at Bodog! Here's everything you need to know about this feature.

What Is Cash Out?

This feature allows you to retrieve the money of your bets before the result is settled. The amount you get is calculated based on the odds your bet has of becoming a winning one. Cash Out is now available for Soccer, Cricket, Baseball, Football, Hockey, Basketball and eSports.

How To Use This Feature?


When you select a market that has "Cash Out" available you’ll see a notice expressing that the bet has the feature.


After confirming your bet, on the "Open Bets" tab you’ll see the "Cash Out" button indicating the amount available you will get.


Once you click the “Cash Out” button you’ll get a confirmation message. Your bet will disappear and the money previously mentioned will go to your account in just a few seconds.


In the transactions records you’ll see this action marked as “Cash Out”. You can view these types of transactions at any moment.

How does it benefit you?

This feature guarantees you a percentage of your initial bet, even if the result of the match is not what you indicated in your bet.

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