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Explore Bets on Moto Racing at Bodog

Moto racing has always been known to have an incredibly passionate fan base across the globe. From filling up stadiums to breaking viewership records, the sport has left fans asking for more. That is where Bodog steps in with the opportunity to bet on these exciting games. Sign up on Bodog right away to experience the thrills of online betting on Moto races.

How to bet on Moto Racing Online with Bodog?

Listed below is a simple process to bet on Moto racing online with Bodog:

  • Visit the website - Use the ‘Join’ button to register or the ‘Sign In’ button to access your Bodog account.
  • Add Money to Wallet - Add money to your Bodog wallet through the preferred payment platform. You can bet on the platform only using the credits deposited in the wallet.
  • Select ‘Sports’ Category - Choose the ‘Sports’ category present on the top navigation of the website.
  • Pick the ‘Moto racing’ option - Select the ‘Moto racing’ option from the list of games available in the ‘All Sports’ section.
  • Select a Match - Take your pick from various Moto racing matches and events.
  • Place Bets - Place wagers on the selected match.
  • Withdraw winnings - If you win a match, the winning amount is transferred to your Bodog wallet. The credits from the Bodog wallet can be retrieved to various payment platforms.

 Why is Bodog the best site for Moto Race Betting online?

Bodog features the most extensive range of betting opportunities in online racing games. The platform has covered all prominent variants of the sport. In addition to that, the platform promises fast payouts, secure connection, and incredible offers.

One prominent promotion that users often avail of is the referral program. Under the program, you can share referral codes with friends and acquaintances to sign up for Bodog. When they sign up using the code, you get free cash credits in your Bodog wallet.

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Moto Race betting tips to consider

Listed below are few tips that can help you build better betting strategies for Moto races:

  • Be choosy with match selection - Moto racing events take place every few weeks. This leaves you with many matches to bet on. But it is advised to keep your selections down to a few. This will help you monitor those titles regularly and analyze the data for calculated bets.
  • Keep an eye on standings - There is a lot to learn from the earlier successes and losses of a player in a particular competition. Upon close observation, you shall notice patterns behind those successes and failures. For example, some players are known to emerge victorious when they begin the race in a basic position.
  • Performance on tracks - Every player has certain tracks where they perform better than other places. Keep an eye on such tracks and players to gauge profitable bets consistently.
  • Beware of the weather - Weather has often known to play spoilsport in many matches. They often end up canceling the game or affecting the overall outcome as the conditions can alter the racing surface. Always make a note of weather forecasts around match dates to avoid such unpleasant surprises.

Different types of Moto Racing to bet on

There are different types of moto races that are conducted with bikes and cars. Listed below are the most common types:

  • Speedway - races on an oval track that has a length of 260 to 400 meters
  • Supermoto - races on tracks that feature alternating coating, concrete or dirt
  • Motocross - races conducted on crude tracks made of natural as well as synthetic obstacles
  • Enduro - these races take place on extended cross-country, off-road courses with multiple obstacles

Moto Racing Glossary - Terms to Remember

  • Podium Finish - It is a bet type where your selection must be among the top three finishers in a game.
  • Racer Matchups - a bet between two riders of similar track record and placed on who would finish a moto race faster.
  • Pole Position - Riders do a test drive to familiarize themselves with the terrain and decide who gets to lead the start line as the game begins. The lead position on the start line is known as the pole position. Bettors can place wagers on who completes the trial run the faster and secure the pole position.
  • Fastest Lap - Moto racing often consists of multiple laps in a game. Bets can be placed on who scores the fastest lap throughout a game.
  • Wildcard Rider - Teams often have two riders on board - the main rider and a substitute to replace him/her for unforeseen reasons. The substitute is known as the wildcard rider.

Online Motor Sport Betting

Moto Racing Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are motorsport betting sites trustworthy?

Yes, motorsport betting sites, especially Bodog, are trustworthy. The best security measures and payment systems are in place to provide a safe playing environment for bettors worldwide.

  1. Will motorsports betting sites offer bonuses?

Motorsport betting sites, especially Bodog, offer bonuses on a regular basis. Apart from the constant referral bonus, there are sport-specific bonuses that are introduced often for a short period of time.

  1. What are the top most popular Motor Racing Betting Events?

Listed below are the most popular motor racing events for betting:

  • IndyCar
  • Formula 1
  • MotoGP
  • World Rally Championship

Learn About Other Sports To Bet On Bodog

Moto racing is one of many sporting activities that you can bet on with Bodog. Some of the other popular activities include:

In terms of the scope of games, Bodog features some of the most popular tournaments on its platform. From MotoGP to the Olympic Games, you can find a wide list of premier leagues and tournaments to place bets online.

You can even explore beyond the sports betting niche on Bodog. Bodog addresses the interest of Indian online casino fans with a range of slot and table games such as:

Whether you wish to try your hand at moto race bets or slot games, sign up at Bodog right now to play your desired game online.

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