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Golf has achieved immense popularity both as a recreational activity as well as a professional sport. Most of this popularity was earned in the 20th century, with the latter half seeing the rise of women’s golf games alongside the men’s matches.

But, another activity related to the sport has caught on in recent years i.e. golf betting. Today, both categories have amassed a sizable audience globally, fueling an online betting market that is about to explode. If you wish to join the trend, sign up on Bodog and explore online betting on golf matches using your expertise.

How to bet on Golf Online at Bodog?

Listed below is a quick breakdown of the golf betting process on Bodog -

  • Register or Sign in - You would have to either join Bodog or sign in to your account to unlock the platform’s expansive collection of games.
  • Add money to your wallet - Deposit money to your Bodog wallet as per your intended bankroll (balance) for the session. Money can be deposited to the wallet via multiple payment methods.
  • Select Sports Category - Various gaming categories are listed on the top navigation of Bodog’s home page. Choose the sports category to proceed further.
  • Pick a Golf match - Select golf from the list of sports given on the page. Select a match as per your preference.
  • Place Bets - Take your pick from different types of wagers offered on the game. Active bets can be seen in the ‘Open Bets’ section.
  • Withdrawing Winnings - The results of a bet are declared after a game ends. If you win, your winnings shall be deposited into your Bodog account. You can withdraw that amount at any time via various payment platforms.

Why is Bodog the best site for Golf betting online?

Bodog offers betting opportunities from all the popular golf tournaments globally. This leaves you with plenty of options for playing online golf. The platform also regularly features amazing offers and programs to earn extra cash credits for gambling as well as sports betting in India.

One prominent example is the referral program where you can share codes for friends and acquaintances to join the platform. In return, you get cash credits for every individual joining Bodog using your code.

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Golf Betting Tips - Points to Remember

Listed below are some golf betting tips that can help in building better strategies -

  • Maintain a fixed bankroll (balance) - A bankroll is an amount set aside for the particular betting activity. Considering the possibilities of how lucrative the activity can be, it is easier to go overboard and aimlessly pump money into bets. This form of betting can lead to a losing streak and can affect your personal finances too. Rather, you could assign a fixed amount to a golf game. This measure can help you weigh your options and adopt an analytical approach for better strategies.
  • Study Player Performances - Track data from past matches played by the players. Observe and understand the player’s strengths and weaknesses. This would include aspects like whether he/she is in form or not, their performances at specific golf courses or tournaments, etc. This measure helps you adopt a more data-backed approach in your strategies and increases the scope of winning bets by identifying patterns in gameplay.
  • Experiment with smaller bets - Many often adopt the ‘Go Big’ approach when it comes to betting. But always playing big bets is neither a healthy nor a wise approach. It can also lead you to play safe with tested strategies that can stunt your betting skills with time. To avoid this scenario, it is always recommended to regularly move away from tested strategies and experiment with new ones instead. Keep the stakes low to minimize the losses from such games.

Golf Tournaments that you can bet on

There are some major tournaments that you can bet on with Bodog -

  • The Open Championship - It is the oldest golf tournament that has been conducted for more than 150 years. Also known as the British Open, the tournament is played across the United Kingdom.
  • The United States Open Championship - The tournament has been played in U.S.A since 1895. It is also known as the U.S Open. To make the qualification fair and more diverse, the top 10 finishers of a season are exempted from qualifying in the next season.
  • PGA Championship - The tournament that has been taking place for a century now. Those who win the championship are automatically invited to the U.S and British Open. Unlike the other tournaments, the PGA Championship is restricted to professional golf players only.

Golf Betting Glossary - Terms to Remember

  • Back nine - refers to the last nine holes on a course.
  • Front nine - the first nine holes on a course.
  • Stretch - the last three holes on a course.
  • Double - the act of placing two bets within one slip. Both selections need to be successful to win.
  • Four ball - when only four players are playing in a group.
  • Hole in one - when a golfer hit the ball straight into the hole with a single shot.
  • Out of bounds - an area within the course where hitting the ball is not permissible.
  • Par - the number of shots that a player should take for each hole.

Online Golf Betting

Golf Betting Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Golf Betting be profitable?

Yes, golf betting can be profitable. It depends on how you strategize and utilize your bankroll (balance) to best effect. For higher profits, it is necessary to hone your skills with regular play and develop plans for long term betting.

2. How does each-way betting work in golf?

Each Way bet is an option where the wager is split into two separate bets. One bet is for winning, whereas the other bet will be for placing. This bet type helps secure that extra insurance, in case the selected player finishes at the second or third position.

Explore Other Betting and Gambling Opportunities on Bodog

Golf is one of many betting opportunities that Bodog offers. For example, if you further explore the sports betting category, there are many other games to exercise your strategizing skills. Some of the popular options are -

The sports categories on Bodog feature top-notch betting opportunities for some of the most popular tournaments in the world such as Indian Premier League, UEFA Champions League, Indian Super League, and English Premier League, to name a few.

In addition to the sports category, there are exciting card and table games available for gambling enthusiasts too. The list includes -

So, whether you wish to try your hand at golf or other games, sign up to Bodog and dive into an immersive world of betting and gambling online.

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