Football Betting - All You Need To Know

Football Betting

Football Betting - All You Need To Know

American football has grown massively in terms of popularity with the passing years. The National Football League (NFL) is said to enjoy the highest average attendance for any global sports league. So, it is not a surprise that the growth of football betting has been on similar lines.

But as football betting progressed, so did the expectations from platforms. That is where Bodog comes into the picture. At Bodog, you get access to a plethora of football leagues, tournaments, and matches to bet on. An expansive selection of matches like these, open up numerous football gambling opportunities for fans. So go ahead and make the most of this online betting game by signing up to Bodog.

How to Bet on Football Games Online?

This is how players can bet on football games online on Bodog:

  • Select your preferred game from various ongoing football matches played in various leagues.
  • Place bets on a match’s outcome. The betting results will be declared once the match is over. You can check the active wagers in the ‘open bets’ section of the football page.
  • You can also place wagers on specific outcomes within a football match. For example, ‘will a defensive touchdown be scored’, ‘total tackles and assists by a player, ‘total punts in a game’ etc.
  • If you win money in a match, encash it by using a four-digit security pin from your Bodog wallet through various convenient payment methods.

Why Bet on Football at Bodog?

Bodog offers dynamic betting opportunities to its users -- you can wager on a multitude of football gambling tournaments, matches, etc. The referral programs help bring in friends and other acquaintances to Bodog, earning you cash credits for each entry. Those who are new to the platform can hone their skills with practice matches before taking on cash games.

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Key Factors to consider in Football Betting

Listed below are important factors that can influence the odds in football betting -

  • The team’s form and strength - The favourites and underdogs in a game are often decided on the basis of a team’s form in the recent past. Previous head to head results, in particular, have a strong influence on the team’s odds in a match.
  • Home field advantage - Many teams often enjoy a long success streak on their home fields, while others experience the same for few matches. Sportsbooks keep an eye on these trends when formulating odds for a game, ensuring fair gameplay.
  • A team or player’s details - Some teams are known to have an offensive lineup and vice versa. By sourcing details specific to certain strengths and weaknesses of players and teams, a strong edge can be earned when it comes to betting. That is because sportsbooks often keep track of these minute details too when creating odds for a match.
  • Injuries and Suspensions - Sudden injuries and suspensions are known to derail a team’s strategy for a tournament. So, it is no surprise that bookmakers maintain a keen eye on such news in the niche and factor in the data when odds are being decided for a game.

Types of Bets That Can be Placed on Bodog

Here are the various types of bets you can place on football games at Bodog:

  • Moneyline: where only the team you pick should win the game
  • Point Spread: a team must win by a predetermined number of goals. The wager also applies to losing a game by a set number of goals.
  • Totals: betting on the total number of goals scored in a game.
  • Props: betting on specific outcomes in a game, such as whether a particular player will score a touchdown, the number of field goals scored in a game, etc.
  • Parlay: a bet involving multiple games. All teams in the wager must win their individual matches for the player to win a parlay.
  • Future: betting on how a player or team will perform over a specific duration or the entire tournament or season.

Football Betting Glossary - Terms to Remember

Here are some terms that football betting fans should remember:

  • Wager: a synonym for ‘bets’.
  • Spread: odds which are used to establish the betting parameters on the basis of football scores
  • Handicap: when one team receives a virtual headstart over the other.
  • Bookmaker: the entity that sets the odds, and is responsible for accepting and paying off the bets.
  • Cover: the betting result of a points spread bet.
  • Cap: the award given to a player for exceptional performance in a game. It also refers to the number of games a player has played for a team.
  • Bankroll: the amount of money wagered.
  • Chalk: the team favoured to win in a match.
  • Runner: an individual who places bets on someone else’s behalf.
  • Square: a casual gambler who does not rely on reasoning when placing bets.
  • Sharp: a professional bettor who relies on strategies and reasoning.

Did You Know? - Facts about American Football

There are some incredibly fascinating facts that you can find when looking back at the history of American football.

  • The first American football game was played between two college teams, Princeton and Rutgers University. Unlike today, players were not supposed to pick the ball, rather the ball was kicked or swiped with hands to the scoring zone.
  • The first AFL–NFL World Championship, now known as Super Bowl, was played in 1966. New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers have scored the most number of wins with 6 tournament titles each.

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Football Betting FAQs

  1. Which football leagues are the most popular to bet on?

    The most popular football leagues to bet on worldwide are as follows:

    • National Rugby League - It is Australia's premier domestic men's rugby league. It has been played since 1998 and comprises of 16 teams. Teams from New Zealand also participate in the tournament.
    • NFL - It is an American football league that features 32 teams. At the end of every playing season, the teams face off against each other in a culmination tournament known as the Super Bowl.
    • Canadian Football League - The league features nine teams, each representing a Canadian city. Similar to the Super Bowl, this league’s season ends with an elimination tournament known as the Grey Cup.
  2. How do I deposit money to a betting site?

    You would need a VISA or a MasterCard for making transactions online on Bodog. You can even use Bitcoin or e-wallets for these transactions. All you need to do is log in to Bodog, open the wallet page, and make a transaction according to your preferred choice.

  3. How do I withdraw money from a betting site?

    Most betting sites have adequate security measures in place for payouts. On Bodog, you could simply use the saved bank/card details on the platform to withdraw money using a 4-digit pin.

Bodog - Transcending the Genre of Football Betting

Football is just one of the many betting opportunities that Bodog offers its users online. Some of the other popular categories and games on the platform include:

In addition to the wide range of games, Bodog promises top-notch security, strictly adhering to multiple stringent safety measures to bring you a safe and enjoyable gaming and gambling environment. So, go ahead and sign up on Bodog now to experience the best in betting and gaming.

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