Happy anniversary to us!

Happy anniversary to us!

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Discover Card Games on Bodog

Overview of Card Games

Bodog assures a fantastic gaming experience for anyone looking to play some exciting rounds of card games online. Card games on the platform fall under the broad category of ‘Table Games”. Table games have four subcategories: Card games, Dice games, Poker-inspired games and Roulette.

These games use a standard deck (traditional) or a game-specific one as the primary device to play. There are over a hundred different genres of card games to play with friends online, which means there are plenty of choices and it is never a dull moment for our players.

Some of the card games online include trick-taking, matching, shedding, comparing and gambling, among many others. When you play card games online, you will come across the single-player (solitaire), two-player or multiplayer format. Among these, the two-player online betting format is the most popular one.

    • How to play Card Games Online?

      Here are the easy steps to follow if you want to play the best casino card games on Bodog:

        1. Registration: Register to create a new account by clicking ‘Join’. You may alternatively click on ‘Login’ for your existing account.
        2. Game Category: Go to the ‘Casino’ tab and click on ‘Table Games’ to access all the online card games on Bodog.
        3. Locate Game: A pictorial list will be presented to you. From here, simply pick the online card game of your choice.
        4. Start Playing: Read the rules outlined on the game page. Play the game as per the rules. Winners will be declared at the end of every round.

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    • The Most Popular Card Games on Bodog

      Let us have a look at some of the best online casino card games that you can play on Bodog.

      1. Teen Patti The name of this game literally translates to ‘three cards’ and its origins may be traced back to India. When you play Teen Patti online, you will notice that it is influenced by Poker. Even novice players can play online Teen Patti because it is a ‘skill-based game’. This conclusion means that with time, players can develop competence and skill.
      2. Blackjack When you play blackjack online, the first thing to know is that in this game the player is competing against the dealer and no other players. This game has an American origin and may be classified under comparing card games such as Poker and Baccarat. One of the main reasons why many people play blackjack card game online is that it's simple and easy to play.
      3. Andar Bahar Originated in the Southern part of India, it’s the simple format is what attracts people to play Andar Bahar online game. It is also called ‘katti’ and uses just a single deck of cards. If you are wondering how to play Andar Bahar game, you have to pick from the two choices available before the cards are dealt, which makes the odds fifty-fifty.
      4. Baccarat This game goes back to the middle ages but these days you can easily play Baccarat card game online. Learning how to play Baccarat game online is all about leaving some room for spontaneity as it is not possible to go in with a fixed strategy. This is because it is one of those online casino card games for real money that relies on chance rather than skill.
      5. Teen Patti Pro Teen Patti Pro online is a simplified version of regular Teen Patti. When you play Teen Patti Pro card game online, there are more betting options available as compared to the classic version. This game has elements of Baccarat and Three Card Poker combined, which means more decisions are required to be taken during the gameplay.
      6. Poker Players who choose to play poker online wager over the best hand at the table, as per the rules of the game. There are many variations of this game, so learning how to play poker would depend on the particular one you are playing. Played globally, it is one of the most popular card games online.
    • Basic Card Games Strategies

      Here is a peek at a few of the strategies that you will need to play card games on the Bodog platform.

        1. Teen Patti Playing blind is a strong plan to execute. The players who have seen the cards are likely to fold. Also, you can hone your gut instinct while being able to keep the stakes low.
        2. Blackjack Avoid the insurance bet at all costs when you play online card games of this kind. While the payout might be two to one, the odds of actually winning are far worse than that.
        3. Andhar Bahar Stick with making small bets when playing the Andar Bahar game online. With less time to think before being able to adjust your stakes, it is critical to even out the minimum to be able to stay in the game longer.
        4. Baccarat When you play a card game online such as Baccarat, it is advisable to side with the strategy of opting for the banker bet. In the long-term, this is the safest route, even though there is a fractional cut applicable to it.
        5. Teen Patti Pro Having the strategy of staying away from the side bets will prove very beneficial to players of this game. This is because, in Teen Patti Pro, the house has a significantly higher edge, which tips the odds away from the player.
        6. Poker Knowing how to read the table is an important part of this game so attacking upon seeing your opponent’s weakness can pay out big time for you. This is a good time to engage in a semi or even a pure bluff to take advantage of the situation.

      Popular Online Card Games

    • How to choose the Right Card Game

      Deciding to play casino card games online on Bodog is dependent on factors such as the ones below:

      • Number of Players There are one-player games such as Solitaire and Emperor. There are two-player ones as Rummy, Spit and Pinochle. You can also choose from multi-player games such as Poker, Blackjack and Baccarat.
      • Types of Card Games Depending on which kind of strategy you find easy to perfect, you can choose from matching, shedding, comparing, patience, gambling or other card games. Before you settle on just one, you should also try your hands on the other kinds too.
      • Years of Experience This is a crucial factor in determining the ease and comfort with which you can handle the various types of card games. Initially, the pace and difficulty level of a given game may deter you from playing it. But over time, the player gets accustomed to making quick, yet effective decisions faster.


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