Blackjack Game

Blackjack Game

Play to Win at Blackjack on Bodog

Blackjack is a card game where players compete against the dealer instead of each other, the objective is to compare cards and get to a value of 21 or close to without exceeding it. It is also known as 21 and is a popular choice with many online casinos across the world.

On Bodog, online betting enthusiasts have the chance to play Blackjack for real money. With an easy-to-use interface, anyone can improve their Blackjack strategy. Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the rules and strategies, sign up to Bodog to experience a highly-engaging Baccarat experience.

Blackjack – How to Get Started on Bodog

Follow the below steps to bet at Bodog’s online Blackjack casino:

  • Creating an account - Sign up and create a Bodog account.
  • Finding the game - Click on the ‘Casino’ tab on the homepage. To access the list of games, click on ‘Table Games’. You will find Blackjack in the list of games here.
  • Set the Table - Select the Blackjack table you wish to play.
  • Study the Rules - Read through the rules of the table as shown in the side window of the page.
  • Place Bets to Earn Winnings - Place your bet as per the game's rules. The winner is declared at the end of each game.
  • Playing on Mobile Devices - When you are using a mobile or tablet device, swipe up to view the game in full-screen mode.

Why Bodog is the Best Place to Play Blackjack Online in India

Bodog is the place to be for players who seek the thrill of online betting. The platform is designed to be extremely user-friendly and makes placing bets easy and intuitive.

Bodog also extends a welcoming gesture by offering a significant welcome bonus to those who create a new account on the platform. These credits can help you play more and get familiar with Blackjack game rules. You can also win exclusive cash credits through the Bodog referral program.

All players can easily access the Blackjack quick guide of rules, bets, and terms, published beside the gaming interface. Access to all of this information will help players with their strategy, allowing them to place their bets with greater accuracy and skill.

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Blackjack Strategy - Tips to Remember

Here are some key blackjack moves to remember when developing strategies on Bodog:

  • Hit – an option that a player can click on to get another card. This move can be used a number of times until the total value of the cards in the hand is equal to or exceeds twenty-one.
  • Stand – it is also known as ‘stick’, ‘stand’ or ‘stand pat’. A player may click on this option when they wish to retain the hand that has been dealt to them. If the player’s cards total twenty-one, this happens automatically.
  • Double – the player may decide to ‘double down’ after the first two cards have been dealt to them. In this instance, the bet on the hand doubles and an additional card is dealt to the player.
  • Split – a player can choose to split the cards into two separate hands, this situation occurs when the first two cards dealt to a player match. The player can choose for the split twice and play a maximum of three hands at a time.
  • Surrender – choosing to surrender terminates the player’s interest in the hand. The player receives half or fifty percent of the bet upon surrendering. The house (the platform) takes the other half.
  • Insurance – when the dealer’s face-up card is an Ace, then a player has the option to place an additional bet, which is known as ‘insurance’, this wager is half of the original bet amount. If the dealer has blackjack, the player receives a payout of two to one. If this is not the case, then the player loses the insurance bet placed, and the original bet gets settled by comparing it with the dealer’s cards.

History of Blackjack

The origins of Blackjack can be traced back to ‘Vingt-et-Un’ (French for twenty-one) which was popular in the French casinos around the 1700s. However, it was only by the 1900s that the game made its way to North American through French colonizers. Upon reaching the continent, the original game’s rules were tweaked with time to create the modern-day blackjack game.

Interesting Trivia about Blackjack

  • The chance of getting a natural 21 in a blackjack game from a single deck is just 4.8%.
  • Known as Madame Moustache, Eleanore Dumont was the first professional Blackjack player in America.

Types of Blackjack Games on Bodog

There are different types of blackjack games that players can explore on Bodog. The list includes -

  • Single Deck Blackjack
  • Double Deck Blackjack
  • Zappit Blackjack
  • Classic European Blackjack

Blackjack – Glossary of Terms Players Should Know

  • Bust – when the total value of either the player or dealer’s cards is more than twenty-one.
  • Hole Card – is the dealer’s card that remains face down until the player’s hand is resolved.
  • Push – When the totals of both hands are equal and fall between the range of seventeen and twenty-one, neither hand wins.
  • Soft Hand – any hand where the value of the Ace card is considered as eleven.

Online Blackjack Card Game

Blackjack – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the advantages of playing Blackjack online?

The three advantages of playing Blackjack online are:

  • The comfort of playing anywhere.
  • The convenience of playing at any time, 24x7.
  • Access to tips and in-depth information that can positively impact your gameplay.

2. How do I deposit and withdraw from Blackjack casinos?

On Bodog, both MasterCard and Visa are supported as payment methods. Digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, and other local digital wallets are also available for depositing as well as the withdrawal of funds.

Play Online for Big Wins on Bodog

Bodog has a number of exciting betting and gaming opportunities that you can explore when becoming a member. You can check out many other interesting arcade games, table games and slot games, such as:

Bodog has countless betting and gaming options from card games to sporting tournaments which you can access all on one platform. So, wait no more and join Bodog to let the winnings roll in!

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