Explore Basketball Betting Opportunities on Bodog

Basketball Betting

Explore Basketball Betting Opportunities on Bodog

Basketball is an incredibly popular sport across the globe, especially in the U.S.A. But as the sport’s influence grew globally in recent times, so did the idea of online betting on the sport. Bodog offers the opportunity to place wagers on international basketball competitions that hold the promise to yield incredibly impressive winnings. Sign up on Bodog now to become a part of this global phenomenon.

How to bet on Basketball online with Bodog?

Listed below is a simple process to bet on basketball games online with Bodog -

1) Sign up or Log In - You shall find a ‘Join’ and ‘Log in’ button on the right corner of the website. If you do not have a Bodog account, hit the Join button and add relevant details to the page that comes up. If you have a Bodog account already, log in to proceed further into the process.

2) Add Money to Wallet - You can place wagers on Bodog using the credits present in the wallet. Secure credits by adding money to your Bodog wallet via various payment methods.

3) Click on Sports Category - Select the ‘Sports’ option present on the top navigation bar on the homepage.

4) Select Basketball option - Once on the Sports page, click on the ‘All Sports’ option beside the list of sports on the page. Find the ‘Basketball’ option and click it.

5) Pick a Game - Within the basketball option, you can find a number of games to place bets on. Pick an option that interests you.

6) Place Bets - Place a wager on the match, whether the result of the entire game or a particular prop bet.

7) Withdraw Winnings - If you win an amount from the bet, it will be directly transferred to your Bodog wallet. You can withdraw the money from the wallet at any preferred time and to various banking platforms.

Why is Bodog the best site for Basketball Betting online?

Bodog offers betting opportunities for basketball games played across the globe, including the well-known NBA games. The platform is also known to offer special bonuses.

Among them, the referral program is the most well-known offer. Under the program, you get a code that can be shared with others to sign up for Bodog. In return, you secure extra cash credits from Bodog to invest in your online bets.

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Basketball betting tips to consider for strategies

Listed below are some basketball betting tips that will help in developing better strategies -

  • Maintain a fixed bankroll (balance) - Basketball is a high-intensity sport where performance dominance can move to either team throughout the game. If not planned well, lost bets can further tempt you to bet again.
    But you should consider practising discipline and bet from a fixed bankroll (balance). It not only minimizes the extent of losses but also challenges the mind to develop effective strategies using a restricted budget.
  • Keep track of a team’s form - This measure is an essential step applicable to all forms of sports betting in India and abroad. The health and past performances of a team are factors that directly impact a team’s strength as well as morale.
    The absence of certain players in a lineup can also impact the gameplay. That is why keeping track of these basketball stats and formulating data-backed patterns is essential for bettors. This data forms the backbone of a well-rounded strategy.
  • Gauge the motivation of teams and players - The circumstances of a match can be a major motivation factor for players. For example, a low-stakes match can have the team relax their gameplay’s intensity. On the other hand, a game with an age-old competitor can push teams to their limits, out of the sheer pressure to perform.

Biggest Basketball tournaments to bet on Bodog

Three major basketball tournaments are most popular among bettors on Bodog. They are -

  • NBA - National Basketball League or NBA is the premier men’s professional basketball league in North America. It comprises of 30 teams representing various states across the two countries. It is one of the most viewed sports events in the region. An NBA season occurs between October to April with the playoffs going up to June.
  • EuroLeague - It is Europe’s answer to the NBA where 24 teams from across the region compete for the top prize. The tournament came into existence in 2000, replacing the half-century-old FIBA EuroLeague.
  • NCAA - NCAA is a league dedicated to North American college teams and has a massive fan following. The league culminates in the March Madness event where the league’s winner is chosen.

Basketball betting glossary - Terms to remember

  • First Half Betting - a bet that involves the first half’s outcome only. A similar bet can be placed on the second half.
  • Future Bet - bets placed prior to the beginning of a season. These wagers can be around outcomes such as which team will reach the playoffs or final.
  • Moneyline Bet - a wager on which team will win the match.
  • Proposition Bet - a bet on specific outcomes that could take place over the course of a game. It is also known as prop bets.
  • Live Betting - the act of placing bets as a live basketball game is in progress.
  • Odds - the value assigned to a team or element in a match that determines the returns from a bet.
  • Wager - Synonym for bet.
  • Favourite - the team that is likely to win the match.
  • Exposure - the potential losses you could make during a bet or when entering a new market.

Online Basketball Betting

Basketball Betting Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is basketball betting profitable?

Basketball betting can be profitable if you employ the right strategies consistently. The key is to keep a balance of wagers on favourites as well as underdogs. Rely on data from previous match outcomes to make an informed choice.

2. Do I have to make big bets to be a winner?

Always betting big is not a wise choice. This way, the losses you make would also be equally big. Balance out the amount invested on bets as per the teams playing in a match. Use past data on teams to see how much stronger is one team from the other.

Explore Betting and Gambling Opportunities on Bodog

There are many other sports betting opportunities on Bodog along with basketball. Some of the popular options include -

So, whether you are a fan of the Indian Super League or have your eyes at the UEFA Champions League, Bodog has the biggest tournaments in the world covered for betting online.

Sports betting forms just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to games on Bodog. For example, there are so many exciting slot and table games for gambling enthusiasts too. Here is what you can expect on Bodog, an ever-growing betting site in India -

If you seek the best experience in online betting or gambling, sign up to Bodog right away. There are many more opportunities on the platform than the ones described above.

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