Baccarat Game

Baccarat Game

Play Baccarat for Real Money Today

Baccarat is a classic card game that is featured in every land-based and online casino. Its popularity comes from the easy rules that players can follow and improve upon.

The game relies completely on chance, like the flip of a coin, therefore, having a set strategy is not possible. Winning this card game depends on the psychological make-up of the player that can thrive off the thrill and appeal of online betting. At Bodog, we help bridge the gap between you and thrilling baccarat games online. So, sign up to Bodog, the best website to experience exciting Baccarat games online.

How to Start Playing Baccarat on Bodog

Follow these steps to start playing Baccarat online on Bodog:

  • Register on Bodog by creating a new account.
  • From the Bodog homepage, click on the ‘Casino’ tab to get to the category page.
  • Click on the ‘Table Games’ tab to scroll through the illustrative list and find Baccarat.
  • If you are a new player, you can try Baccarat for free as practice sessions to play the game without paying.
  • Read the rules of the game thoroughly -- the information is displayed on the left-hand side of the screen.
  • Place your bets as per the rules, and the winner will be declared at the end of each game.

Reasons Why Bodog is the Best Baccarat Casino for You

Bodog’s user-friendly interface is designed for convenient navigation where players can login at any time of the day or night to play and bet.

Bodog extends a substantial welcome bonus for those new to the platform and create an account. Players can use these credits to play, practice and sharpen their understanding of the Baccarat casino game. Bodog’s referral program also gives players the opportunity to gain exclusive cash credits by sharing referral codes with friends, family and other online gamers.

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Learn to Play Baccarat Like A Pro

The following list provides tricks and tips to improve your Baccarat betting strategy:

  • A smart Baccarat strategy is to go with the banker bet. While it may have a fractional cut attached to it, which sometimes deters players, it is the safest long-term bet.
  • Experienced players will tell you that the tie bet should be avoided. This bet appears to have a high payout, but the odds of winning with it are very low.
  • Searching for patterns will not help you while playing Baccarat. It would be similar to predicting the outcome of a dice roll every time. Each result is unique, therefore picking a fixed approach to win is impossible.
  • Managing your money can make all the difference. Don’t bet higher amounts when you are on a losing streak. Instead, increase the bet amounts while winning and reduce them when you are not. This will keep you in the game longer while helping you stay focused and motivated.

Learn about the Origins of Baccarat

Although Baccarat’s origins can be traced back to the middle-ages, it has managed to stand the test of time. The earliest predecessor of the game called ‘baccara’ (meaning zero in Italian) can be traced back to Italy. The game soon made its way across to France from where the game got its current name.

By the 1950s, the game was well-known in Europe as well as the U.S.A. The Vegas Strip, in particular, saw the game amass immense popularity that continues till date.

Interesting Trivia about Baccarat

General Information to remember in Baccarat

  • A minimum of 1 bet and maximum 5 bets can be placed in a game.
  • Six decks of cards are used and reshuffled after each hand in the game.
  • Baccarat offers three outcomes to bet on - Player win, Banker win or a Tie. Winning on player bets pays in a 1:1 ratio. Whereas, winning on a Tie yields payment in a 9:1 ratio.
  • If the winning bet is on the Banker, then the payment ratio is 1:1 with 5% commission deducted from the winnings. In case, winnings on banker bets come down to decimals, it is rounded up to the next quarter.

Glossary – Baccarat Terms to be Familiar With

  • Banker Bet – it does not represent the house or the The payout is one-to-one, and there is a commission of five per cent on winning bets.
  • Player Bet – this is considered to be the opposite of the banker bet. The payout for such a bet is 1:1, and the house advantage rests at a bit more than one per cent.
  • Tie Bet – a ‘push’ is when a hand ends in a tie. It means that the banker and the player get their respective wagers back. The payout here is eight to one or nine to one, and the house advantage is very high, up to fourteen per cent.
  • Push – when a bet is neither the winning nor losing one it is a ‘push bet’. The amount that has been wagered is carried forward to the next round.
  • Standoff – is the outcome of a round when both the banker and the player’s hands are of the same value, which is then joined in a tie.
  • Baccarat – is the worst hand in the game -- it literally translates to ‘zero’ in Italian. It comprises tens, Kings, Queens and Jacks.
  • Cheval – it is a French term that indicates that both the active players have won the bet. When both players lose, this bet is lost. If one player wins while the other one does not, it is a ‘standoff’ in which the cheval bet remains intact.
  • Streak – in gambling, this means that you have a number of consecutively same results -- for instance, several wins or losses in a row. Often, a streak determines a player’s next decisions.

Online Baccarat Card Game

Baccarat – Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you win big in Baccarat?

The banker bet comes out on top in the long run, it has been proven to come up more than fifty per cent of the time. The idea is to make the most of whichever streak you are on, this means you should keep to the banker bet until you lose. Later if you begin to win with the player bet, stick with it and wait for the next decision. Lastly, know when to walk away with your winnings.

2. What are the chances of winning Baccarat?

The chances of the player’s hand winning a game are 44.63%, and those of losing are 45.85%. The odds of a successful tie bet are only 9.53%. Finally, if you don’t consider getting a tie, then you stand a 51% chance of winning a banker bet.

3. How many hands are there in Baccarat?

There are only two hands in this game, the player and the banker. The hands are dealt from a shoe that holds six or eight decks and bets are placed on either of the hands before they’re dealt.

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